The most useful tips for bridal makeup

It’s normal to take your examples of ways of looking in the bridal day from movie stars or celebrities in Hollywood, because after all you want to show just how great you can be in the biggest day of your life and you can also apply for some of their tricks in that special moment. We have stolen some ideas and pieces of advice on how you can adapt the makeup and the hair accordingly to the complexion features that you have. This means that you are able to look like a star in the bridal day!

Also, this topic contains some other useful hints that will totally seem a good starting point for the bridal day and you can be sure that you can rely on these.

For a bride who has fresh skin we find appropriate to organize the wedding reception in a warm climate and the bridal makeup can be realized with your own hands and it can make you look fresh and neat.

Taking into account that the skin is hydrated, the most appropriate choice is to let it breathe under the warm wind and fresh air. Don’t try to oppose yourself to the weather; your skin will remain always in the same manner. The main idea is to use matte makeup foundation, to lighten up the tone of your skin and substitute the powder with cream foundation, for letting the skin breathe. Trace the contour of the eyes only in the corners and use a tone of pink for making the look complete.

Think of gold eyes and lips. We find these features ideal to shine under the moonlight in a wedding reception that takes place under the open air during the night. If you have planned your wedding late, it can be followed by a big party and this is the perfect event for you. If after midnight you have all the chances for the bridal makeup to get wiped away, surely the eye powder will remain there, being as a point of attraction. So, use for eyes a golden tone and contour them well enough with black eyeliner. Use mascara on the superior lashes and on the inferior ones as well. The blush has to be subtle and the lips, even if accentuated by the color, are going to be placed at the same level with the eye color, in order to enhance them better.

We also recommend the use of neuter color tones for the sexy brides. This is the perfect aspect for the bride who isn’t afraid of using bridal makeup. The eyebrows are well contoured, a really important aspect in the case in which you have them very well defined. Use eyeliner in a prune tone instead of the classic black eyeliner for the smoky eyes makeup. Then use mascara in as many layers as possible and blush in a light tone. The final touch is offered by the lip gloss in a paler tone.

It’s also a great idea to take into account the option of a natural bridal makeup. Such a type includes only natural tones products used and applied in such a manner that they are not observable on the skin. In the case in which your wedding reception takes place in an open air spot, then surely you need to use products that are not going to be wiped from your complexion, products which are going to penetrate the skin and in the same time feel really comfortable with them on.

So, it is better to take into account various types of bridal makeup styles because you simply cannot know what style can suit you more than another. There are particular bridal makeup styles that are all about emphasizing the eyes and others that on the contrary, are all about enhancing all the attention towards the lips.

As you can see, you have to try as many as you can, in such a way as to end up with the right look for the bridal day – the look that will make you memorable among the others.

In case you feel self confident, then you can surely make your bridal makeup with ease, using products that are easy to apply. There’s always the option in which you can emphasize the eyes with the help of a colored eye color, then eyeliner and lots of mascara and here’s your makeup!

But there are some other cases in which you do not know how to use such products appropriately and for this matter we recommend you applying for the hands of a specialist.