Hairtsyles that a bride must avoid

What do you think that it is best for your bridal hairstyle? Do you think that you would better choose a hairstylist or it would be better for your wedding budget to have your hair done by one of your talented friends? Regardless of your choice, there are some tips and tricks, which you should know, before your wedding day. And, since it is considered a wise thing to see first what wouldn’t be recommended for any bride, we have prepared a list with avoidable hairstyles.
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Some hair styles are not in our advantage and moreover they make us look older or they provide us a bad look. Because we desire you to expose a flawless and perfect image, we will present you several styles that must be avoided retouched.

Hairtsyles that a bride must avoidCredit

And let’s start with bangs as they have the property of covering the eyes. In order to combat this aspect, we believe that the fringe should have a straight line and it should be1 or 2 inches above your eyebrows, in the form of sharp peaks. Or, for a more sexy and sensual touch, you can have a rounded bang, shorter in the front and longer in parts. In this way the fringe attached to your bridal hairstyle will be a very attractive and sexy note.

Give up the haircuts in which the neck is left free, and in which it is breed, because they are not feminine. Not to mention that these haircuts are very unsightly. We sincerely recommend you to have your neck covered with locks of hair of a certain thickness and length. Also, we should add another fact: such a haircut might suit you if you are a slim lady, but if you have some extra pound you should most likely avoid them. Anyway, regardless of your weight, you should totally avoid masculine haircuts on your wedding day; instead you should go for something delicate that will help you achieve the right bridal image.

You should definitely forget about strong colours and about dyeing your hair in flashy colours. Why? Well, this process will make you appear more mature that you really are and on top of this it will accentuate your wrinkles or other unpleasant aspects of your face, such as: acne. On the other hand you could opt for some brighter locks of hair, which will offer a harmonization between hair and eye color or skin tone.


And last but not least, if you have a short hair and you desire to have it curly, you should avoid small curlers because they will make your hair look messy. Go for the larger rollers or clamps that will assure your curls to get big waves.

So, be sure to avoid making these mistakes, when styling your hair for the most important day and the most luxurious night of your life.