Look like Charlize Theron in your wedding day

Hey girls! This topic is especially for you and it concerns your hairdo in the wedding day. You already know that story: it should be the perfect day in your life or the happiest day or whatever you may decide to call it! Those that say this thing (including us) are right and for this matter we’re going to present you some great looking hairdos that make you look great, together with the make-up and the pieces of jewelries(that are elements in perfect coordination).

look like Charlize Theron in your wedding day

You’re going to look like a Hollywood star, in fact that’s where we inspired this topic from and we’re going to attach the pictures too, because these characters are seen most of the times perfect.
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The first hair style we recommend to you is inspired from this year’s Oscars and it concerns Charlize Theron’s hairdo, make-up and accessories. Every lady wishes that in her wedding day she looks glamorous and what can be glitterier than an appearance on the Oscar red carpet?!

This actress is blond, but this hairdo can be might as well be applied for those that have black, brown or red hair. There is a hair parting in the front side and one is smaller than the other. There’s a thread of hair that comes and covers a little part of the forehead and face. The right side of the head is covered completely together with the ear and the other side is uncovered. There is a certain tendency towards asymmetry. The hair ends in the back with a waved little loop, which looks not that elaborated but it’s glamorous in the same time bi its simplicity. The loop hasn’t got any big hairpins in it, maybe some that aren’t observed by the eye.

look like Charlize Theron in your wedding day2

When it comes to the accessories we recommend glittery earrings, medium at size and which are placed directly in the ears: maybe some earrings with some floral elements or some other natural elements, it depends on the dress you pick…. For instance if you choose to wear a fairy tale gown you can apply for a pair of chandelier earrings, because these are in perfect coordination and leave the neck naked, without any chains or necklaces…. Also, if you choose to wear the first earrings recommended don’t apply for a necklace either, because it’s enough that these sparkle and glitter and they’re also medium in size.

We end with the make-up aspect, which is important too! This hair arrangement looks a little bit retro, and that’s why you can apply for such a style of make-up red lips and a natural look to the eyes. The eyes should be highlighted with vague shadows and a great amount of mascara and if you want fake eye lashes make them fine looking, not that obvious…. Good luck in realizing your Oscar look!