Look like Kate Winslet in your wedding day

We continue our marvelous looking make-ups and hair styles from the red carpet. Today we’ve going to mention some words about Kate Winslet’s physical aspect at the 2009 Oscars and maybe it will inspire you a little bit for your look in the greatest day of your life.

look like Kate Winslet in your wedding day

As we all know this actress has been judged roughly throughout the time for her extra looks and not so appropriate pieces of clothing. It seems she has learned from critics and she is now considered as a great looking icon. Good for her and maybe she will inspire you as well.
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We start with her make-up. She is very good looking. She has a natural touch of make-up and it is underlined through simplicity and good taste.

We start with the basics: make-up foundation. The make-up foundation used is in a similar tone with her natural skin color. The cheeks are highlighted pretty well with the help of a blush. Also, it is applied from the beginning of the ear and very close to the mouth area.

The eyes look interesting too. There is used a similar nuance to that in the cheekbones exactly under the arcade area. In the interior side of the eye there is used a lighter nuance of eye color. Also let’s mention that the shade under the arcade continues somewhere in the inferior exterior side of the eyes. Use mascara more on the superior eye lashes and less on the inferior ones.

look like Kate Winslet in your wedding day2

Let’s continue with the lips and let’s say that these look classical. There is a concordance between the nuance used on the lips, cheeks and on the eyes. The lips don’t look shiny at all, on the contrary these look matte and these have a pink-brown touch. Although you may think of an old lady when we describe you this make-up it isn’t really in this way.

We continue with the hair style, which looks really great. Her entire hair is made of waves and it’s concentrated in the back side of her head. Let’s also mention that these waves end in the back side of the head, near the neck, under the format of a loop, but it doesn’t look like an ordinary loop. She doesn’t have any hair partings and as mentioned previously all her hair is redirected in the back side of the head. This hairdo will be realized really easily with the help of a hair stylist, so don’t worry!

look like Kate Winslet in your wedding day3

The final thing regards the pieces of jewelry she’s wearing. Yes she’s wearing only a pair of earrings and not even a thing on her neck. These piece of jewelry look really exquisite: two diamond shaped pieces, which are probably made of diamonds or any other precious stones in white tone. Also, let’s mention that you can wear a matching bracelet with the earrings and a ring. These go really great together if your wedding dress has one shoulder neckline like her red carpet dress.