Creative and Fun Décor Ideas for Your Indian Wedding

photo credit: Preeti Moberg
photo credit: Preeti Moberg

Creative and Fun Décor Ideas for Your Indian Wedding

By Preeti Moberg,

These days, couples are personalizing their Big Day more than ever, while also focusing on offering a memorable experience for their guests.  Indian Weddings are often known for their abundance of lavish décor, which can often make the number of options overwhelming during the planning process. Not sure where to start? Below you’ll find our top eight Indian wedding décor ideas to consider while planning the wedding of your dreams:

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  • Flower Petal Aisles. From bright marigolds and classic roses, to delicate orchids, your options are endless when it comes to flower petal aisles. Adorning the aisle with the flower petals of your choice will make your grand entrance the talk of the town.
  • Flower Decorated Getaway Car. For some brides, the idea of decorating the wedding getaway car  with cutesy signs or a slew of tin cans is just not appealing. Instead, consider lush garlands and flower bouquets to make it the grand and luxurious exit you deserve.
  • Small and Tall Diva Stands. Divas are oil lamps used for prayers in ceremonies, however they can second as decor.  Whether used as tall stands on welcome tables or near the sweetheart table, the divas will no doubt add to the romantic ambiance. Your venue will particularly like the use of the battery tea lights, as they are fire-safe.
  • Bells. For the sake of merriment and good luck, an odd numbered arrangement of chiming bells can adorn the mandap or the marriage gazebo.  Plus, guests can rings the bells as you bid good night!
  • Decorated Pots. For today’s modern Indian wedding, stacked clay or steel pots painted in the colors of your choice, are a popular addition. Hailing from Northwestern India, the pots are not only on-trend, but a great nod to your heritage.
  • Rangoli. Rangoli is an art form using sand, flour, or rose petals to create floor-based designs.  These works of art embellish wedding hall entrances and by the end of the wedding, disappear, as guests pass by or over them.
  • Swing. We all loved swings as kids, but we become adults, we don’t get partake as often in this pastime.  But at a wedding, why not have a love seat swing?  Decorate with flowing fabrics and flowers and everyone can swing with celebratory bliss.
  • Flower Streamers. Why use ribbons or crystal gems, when you can use garlands of flowers to decorate the sweetheart table, the backdrop or the mandap. Not only does this look amazing in photos, but is one of the biggest 2014 wedding trends!
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It’s easy to get caught up in all of the extravagant and over-to-top décor ideas that are available to the Indian bride-to-be. This mix of creative and traditional décor inspirations will help make the your wedding planning process a bit more fun for you, as well as unforgettable for your guests.


Preeti Moberg is the founder of The Big Fat Indian Wedding, an online bridal resource that inspires with South Asian Wedding traditions, trends, fashion and real weddings.

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