Wedding Color Themes. Here Are Fun Wedding Color Schemes.

2012 wedding trends

Well, it’s official: the new Pantone wedding color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango, a bright and fun shade of orange. Though orange may strike many as an unusual shade for weddings, there are many fun and cool ways to incorporate this shade into your wedding palette.

Curious about what to pair with tangerine? No problem. This shade is far more versatile than you would think.  One of the most popular pairings this coming year is tangerine and aqua; the contrast between warm and cool shades can offer a great balance together, especially when on a neutral backdrop like white, ivory or cream.

Of course tone and shade play a role too; taking a super bright shade like tangerine and pairing it with an equally bright shade of aqua like cerulean or a darker turquoise can be overwhelming to the eye. If used sparingly however, bright pops of intense color can liven up your wedding decor. Try bringing a touch of  color in accents like flowers or jewelry.

If aqua is not necessarily your color, try pairing tangerine with other warm colors, like yellows, fuchsias and pinks or browns. For contrast, add in shades of fresh lemongrass green, navy, or purples. Take inspiration from this Pantone color board.

You can also keep it simple with tangerine as a single color.

Any way you choose to use it, Tangerine Tango will bring warmth and vibrancy to any wedding celebration!

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