12 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas (Gallery)

One sweet moment you can look forward to after the wedding is cuddling on the couch together and reading your guest book. Nothing makes you feel more celebrated than pages of encouraging notes, congratulations, words of advice, inside jokes, and well wishes. Unless, of course, you’d rather skip pages altogether and go for something a little more unique. Your wedding guest book can be a great way to reflect your personalities, hobbies, or style. Already know that the two of you will be sitting in rocking chairs assembling puzzles on a rainy day sixty years from now? Have your guests sign pieces of a puzzle for you to treasure for years to come. Love to travel? Set out a globe or a world map for guests to sign. Settling in together in a beach house? Tiny messages in a glass bottle will make great decor and great little notes to open and read together on your first anniversary. The decor ideas are endless: posters, smooth rocks, a large letter of your new last name initial, canvases and other art pieces, etc.

There are countless ways to remember the guests on your special day, and we created this gallery to spark a creative idea or two of your own.

Already have a unique guestbook  for your own wedding or seen any interesting ideas recently? Share below in the comments!

Sources (left to right):

1. Globe 2. Jenga 3. Over-sized letter 4. Polaroids 5. Wedding poster 6. Puzzle 7. Rocks 8. Notes 9. Message in a bottle 10. Etched tray 11. Heart poster  12. Thumbprint

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