Best Wedding Ideas: Three Out-of-the-Ordinary Guestbooks

wedding guest book
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wedding guest book
photo credit: handcoding via photopin cc

The traditional guestbook forms a permanent record of who attends your wedding wedding. It’s also an excellent way for guests to leave their thoughts and good wishes for your future. If you want the best wedding ideas for updating this cherished marriage tradition, check out these options.


For a destination wedding or one with a travel theme, why not use picture postcards? The front of the card can contain an image related to the location while the back has enough room for signatures and comments. Guests can then “mail” their card by putting it in a box decorated like a mailbox. A variation of this especially suited to vow renewals is to have pictures of the couple’s life on the front of the card. Store the postcards in an album with transparent pages so you can view both the back and front of each card.

You can find all kinds of pre-printed postcards on Ebay. To upload your own messages, try Moo. You can order a different design on each card. You can also choose from the site’s own artful graphics.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn a favorite picture of you and your intended into a custom jigsaw puzzle. Then take it apart and put it face down on a large table. Have each guest sign the blank back and then turn it over to show part of the image. They can then try to join their piece to others whose images have been put together. When the puzzle is finally completed, you can frame it double-sided so you can look at both the picture and comments.

You can upload a photo and choose a puzzle size at PortraitPuzzles. Choose the last option if you want to customize the size and the number of pieces. For wooden puzzles, try PicZizzle.


Have each guest draw or paint you a quick picture. Any art store will carry small stretched canvasses or illustration board. Set out one for each guest. Also put out several different media such as watercolors, brushes, crayons, colored pencils, colored felt-tip markers, pencils, and even rubber stamps. So non-artistic guests don’t feel intimidated, display a few examples showing less-than-perfect art, including those with simple figures like stick people.

After the celebration, you can hang all the canvases together on one wall at home, or rotate in a few at a time to display. A variation of this is to have one large artwork that you and your fiancee created, preferably one with lots of blank spaces. Guest can then write directly on the art.

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