Mineral Makeup – The Foundation for the Perfect Wedding Face?

Several years back I tried the {then} new mineral powder makeup foundation.  Okay, so I bought it from an infomercial at 3 AM during a weak moment! The makeup concept looked amazing, I thought, and the idea of putting something all-natural on my skin was a plus. The makeup arrived and it worked pretty well, but anything that comes with video instructions makes me sigh. And, the customer service from that company was atrocious! Not for me, even though the makeup was sort of nice.

Impeccable Image of NJ

Fast forward a few years when a makeup angel entered my life in the form of a wedding makeup artist,  Irina Feygin of Impeccable Image, who joined our forum on topweddingquestions.com. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the site, or asking a question of our experts, I’ll explain briefly that we offer a group of wedding industry experts who answer planing and etiquette questions, or any questions pertaining to weddings, in a forum style manner. Irina quickly became my go-to lady for all things beauty. In fact, Irina helped me hobble through getting ready for my son’s recent wedding, and I owe her a debt I can never repay. She was so right about the color and style of shoes, (which we’ll chat about in an upcoming blog – stay tuned) thanks, Irina!  So, what about Mineral makeup already…? Get to the point right?

Irina turned me on to her private line of Belle Visage Mineral Powder Makeup and I’m hooked. Not only is this as good as the mineral  makeup-up you see on TV and on Sephora.com, it’s more affordable and the customer service is to die for – really. And everyone gets a free gift with purchase which, I confess, gets me to return again and again because what woman doesn’t love FREE and GIFT? Actually, even without the gift, I’d still buy the makeup because it’s fast (just a few quick strokes of the kabouki brush Irina gave me as one of my free gifts,  and you’re covered), easy and it really does cover. I’m a 50 something (former) mom of the groom and if it covers my rosacea, imagine what it can do for fresh young brides’ faces! One other consideration is the inclusion of SPF 15, terrific for the beach wedding or any outdoor wedding or event.

Mineral Powder Foundation

The downside? It’s a little messy, so be sure to apply over the sink or have some sort of cover over your chest area since, just like loose powder, the residual powder can get on clothing or the floor. Oh, and if you have dry skin be sure to moisturize because, after all, it’s powder which can find little dry spots if you have “em. But, I’m thoroughly in love with this stuff. In fact, I have three compacts. One for home, one for my purse and one that I keep in the office bathroom. Oh, and be careful if you keep one in your purse because the powder, like any other compact powder, can break, which I discovered while traveling to my son’s wedding a few weeks ago. I guess I’ll have to do more shopping with Irina. which is okay since I really want to try one of her other mineral makeups, Mineral Collage Powder.

If you’ve ever worked with Irina or used her products let me know what you think. And, as always, if you have questions about the products I review ask your question in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you in a flash. My family will tell you that I’m married to my programs here and look forward to hearing from brides and chatting about anything to do with weddings.

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    The right kind of makeup, especially your foundation, is so important when being photographed! Most brides don’t know that some foundations contain elements that will reflect back camera flash, resulting in a pasty or ghostly face in photos. So, yes, it’s always important to go with a professional when considering your wedding day makeup.

  2. Denise

    Irina’s line of makeup is top notch! I have been using her makeup ever since she did my makeup for my wedding almost 6 years ago. The quality of her products is unsurpassed. There is no finer makeup artist than Irina, and you can count on her products to be the same.

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