Trending in 2014: Mini Invitations, Sparkling Cakes, & Flowers Everywhere


I’m a girl who adores miniature everything, believes unabashedly that glitter makes all things better, all of the time, and who buys flowers for herself while grocery shopping, just because. So guess which 2014 wedding trends have captured my heart? Mini invitations, sparkling cakes, and oversized flower installations everywhere. Clearly, I can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately (but fortunately), my wedding has already happened; however, I’m assuming that yours is yet to occur, so now is your chance to make all of my—I mean your—wildest wedding dreams come true.

Mini Invitations

What could possibly be sweeter than mini invitations? The answer to that is ‘nothing.’ These tiny invitations pique your guests’ curiosity, up the uniqueness factor of your invitation, and hint at an event that’s equal parts charming and fun. To pull off this adorable trend, try printing your favorite quote on one side of a 4×6 card with the essential details on the other side: Bride + Groom / When / Where / Details. Or get even tinier (think business-card size) with a simple, modern twist: Bride + Groom / When and Where / Wedding website URL. The key is to pique your guests’ curiosity and hint

Sparkling Cakes

Metallic gold is definitely a trending color for 2014, and glitter has been redeemed from middle-school dance parties to a decidedly more classy event: weddings. And it gets better—it is now edible. For a look that’s more sophisticated whimsy and less middle-school disaster, go for the cascading look: pick a gold, bronze, or blush hue and ask your cake-decorator to apply edible glitter over pure white or ivory frosting, with the glitter more densely scattered over the top of the cake before thinning to a lighter dusting towards the base of the cake.

Flowers. Everywhere.

If a glitter cake is a little too much, wrap fresh flower garlands around the cake tiers, or scatter the cake table with petals or entire blossoms. Fresh flowers add a generous helping of romance and beauty to any setting, and are an easy way to get fancy while being neither cloying nor tacky. This year, think oversized cascading bridal bouquets, intricate floral arrangements woven into ceremony arches, elaborate flower installations draped over entryways, flower canopies above dance floors, fresh flower walls, and rose petals everywhere. And flower crowns, of course, never go out of style.



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