Creative Autumn Wedding DIY Ideas

Creative Autumn Wedding DIY Ideas

An autumn can be a colorful time to have a wedding. The invitations, ceremony and reception can be a bright celebration of love and nature with a few creative wedding DIY ideas.The key to keeping the autumn wedding theme cohesive is borrowing colors and motifs from the season and incorporating them in inventive ways throughout every part of the event.

Fall wedding
photo credit: Lea Ann Belter Bridal via photopin cc

Invitations and Save the Date Cards

Start the theme off right by choosing autumn themed invitations and save the date cards. Here are some ideas:

  • The cards are in the shape of a leaf
  • The cards are printed on handmade paper containing leaves
  • Each card has a print of a leaf on it like a watermark (See How to Paint with Leaves to learn how to do this at home.)
  • A leaf shaped hole punch is used to make a unique border around the invitation
  • Instead of traditional white, each card is in russet, orange, gold or burgundy

The Site

If the bride and groom live in an area that has gorgeous fall foliage, they should take full advantage of this. A wedding in a colorful tree grove of trees is an ideal spot as long as the weather is forecast to be sunny. If rain plagues the area, a church or other type of building with large windows facing a forest, or just a few colorful trees, may be a good choice.


With the decorations the bride and groom can really boost the fall wedding theme. Here are some ways to add a little autumn to every detail:

  • The flower girl throws colorful leaves instead of flower petals
  • The cake is festooned with edible autumn leaves
  • The bride and groom walk down a carpet of fallen leaves
  • Bronze colored chair and alter bows
  • Programs with gold and bronze accents or font
  • Reception tables covered in overlapping layers of gold, russet and bronze tablecloths

Wedding Wear

Don’t forget about adding a little autumn to the wedding wardrobe. The outfits don’t have to be themed from top to bottom, though. Special pieces can be added to more traditional attire to make the look work with the overall wedding theme. For example, silk leaves can be used in the bride’s hair instead of flowers. Instead of dresses or tuxes, the accessories such as sashes, shoes, cummerbunds and ties can be in traditional fall colors such as gold, rust red, yellow, burgundy, sage, brown or orange. The bright colors would look stunning against customary white, cream and black.With these simple touches an autumn wedding can be visually appealing and original.