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Honeymoon At A Spa? They’re Not Just For Women

When you’re looking for somewhere to get away on your honeymoon, many blushing brides are put off going to an exotic romantic spa break because they’re worried their other half won’t enjoy it. This is a shame as some of the nicest, most relaxing and most exotic spas offer a truly unique getaway which will leave you with memories of a unique and relaxing honeymoon.

Gone are the days when Spas were considered the ‘woman’s’ get away. If your fiancée is like most men, he has discovered and accepted that relaxation and pampering does not just belong to the opposite sex. Not only have men seen the twinkling spa light, they have jumped on to the fabulous skincare train on its way to male grooming city. But do not worry as this means your new husband will be far more willing to experience the luxury of a spa with you .

Being a man now involves pamper and grooming, but even I was surprised when I read the below stats from a questionnaire carried out by Spa Future Thinking:











The survey of 1,000 UK men aged between 18 and 64 conducted by SPA Future Thinking, 64% revealed that using male grooming products improved self-esteem and confidence. With 40% claiming to have used moisturiser, lip balm and hand cream at some point and surprisingly only 14% of men considered grooming a waste of time. So if your husband likes to look after himself, tell him he’s not alone.

So now that you’ve convinced your husband that a Spa Honeymoon at an exotic resort is a good idea (it shouldn’t have been that difficult), the next task is choosing which exotic treatments you.  Stay tuned.