5 Romantic and Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Your First Anniversary

It’s hard to believe a whole year’s gone by. You want your first anniversary to be a magical day, one that brings back the romance of your wedding. What can you do to make your anniversary special? Here are five heartfelt ways to celebrate the love of your life and the affection you have for each other.




1. Give a Gift From the Heart

Many couples forgo gifts in lieu of some type of celebration, but a gift that means something on your first anniversary can make the day even more special.

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive. What it does have to be, however, is straight from your heart. This handy anniversary guide covers the traditional and modern gift themes for each year. As you can see, the traditional first-year anniversary gift is paper. Paper may sound boring but think of the possibilities. Write a love poem for your partner. Print and frame your wedding vows. Write a letter listing all of the things you love about your spouse. Now’s the time to let your creativity flow.

2. Eat Cake

Many couples save and freeze the top part of their wedding cake to have on their first anniversary. If you did, make the cake eating a celebration in itself. If you don’t have the cake from your wedding, have a small cake made and place your original wedding cake toppers on top.

Serve the cake at home on your finest dinnerware or make it a romantic outing. With cake and serving ware in hand, head to a romantic spot that means something to you. Perhaps it’s a favorite spot on the beach or moonlit park. Relive the “feeding the cake” wedding moment. And, while you’re at it, bring a little wine or Champagne and toast one another to make the moment even more magical.

3. Relive the Day

If your wedding reception was at a restaurant, head back to the same place for a romantic anniversary dinner. Was your wedding at a hotel? Book a room at the same place for your first anniversary.

If you can’t return to the original scene, is there a nearby hotel that offers honeymoon suites? How about a restaurant that provides a decidedly romantic ambiance? Find ways to go back in time and live that special day all over again.

4. Take a Second Honeymoon

A second honeymoon (or first, if you didn’t get one after the wedding), is a romantic and fun way to recreate those blissful days right after your wedding. Get away for a few days and simply spend time together. Talk about your first year, make new memories and dream of the future at a romantic spot of your choosing.

To make it even more special, renew your vows before taking off on your second honeymoon. Invite guests or make it a private affair with just the two of you and closest family and friends. Write new vows or repeat the originals — it’s up to you.

5. Go Out on the Town

As a prelude to a romantic night at home, how about going out on the town? Hit the latest dance spot, enjoy a romantic dinner, have fun and enjoy one another’s company. Then head home, light some candles, play a few romantic tunes and let the night take you away.