wedding registry
photo credit: Rich Anderson via photopin cc

Top 10 Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts

wedding registry
photo credit: Rich Anderson via photopin cc

Getting Married in 2014? Stop! You Need to Know The Top 10 Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts

On every marriage occasion, a couple receives many gifts from the invited guests. After marriage when they move to a new house they need lots things for their household as well as for themselves. This is why guests need to place emphasis on purchasing gifts for the bride and groom that are appropriate. So it is necessary for the couple to register themselves straight away after their engagement. They can open a new registry and can ask for gifts from the invitees as this process is less stressful for the guests. But there are few things which should be kept in mind while registering for various wedding gifts:


  • Do a proper homework about the various sites or stores while registering. Check out for offers and incentives.
  • Make a list of different items you need and then register yourself. Ask the sites to do updates regarding online registries when the guest purchases a gift.
  • While registering choose few stores that has a good stock of household materials. Choose the store in such a manner that it suits the pocket of your guest.
  • Don’t include the registry related information in your wedding card. Inform your family and friends after registering and allow them to spread the news of your registration.
  • Make a mix of traditional as well as non traditional gifts like honeymoon registry and charity registry.
  • Be precise while giving details about your needs. Sometimes confusion causes multiple gifts of a similar kind.
  • The store where you have registered must be having plenty of items and your registry is easily accessible by the guests.
  • Demand for monetary things such as honeymoon expenses can ensure that you can bring down the cost of your wedding.
  • Show acceptance of each gift by a note of thanks to the guest, immediately or after the completion of all the wedding ceremonies. This can show how grateful you are.
  • It may happen that whatever things that you have registered may not available to you. So don’t be upset for that as your registry remains active until your demand is fulfilled by the guest.


By registry one can avoid chances of getting multiple gifts of similar kinds. Hence wedding is a very joyous time that normally comes only once in a life. Make sure that you enjoy every second of your special day.