Wedding fall theme

A wedding taking place in fall is like a fantasy and it will always bring nostalgic and good memories to you and to everyone that is attending this event. The leaves falling, the wind blowing soft and the sun hiding behind the big clouds is certainly an everlasting picture. You can draw it yourself by choosing to have your wedding in this season. Here are some fall wedding themes to help you decide better.

Fall theme decor

For the wedding taking place in the autumn months (September and October), we will present two proposals of themes inspired from the richness of autumn decor this season has: autumn theme and traditional decor.

Create a fall wedding theme using what the nature offers you: dry leaves in shades of brown! Borrow from this season the colors and use them to decorate a wedding salon in colors like orange, rust or dark red! Choose the table arrangements to be made from leaves and flowers invitations fall!

To suggest an idea of richness and wellness that this season offers, you can sit a straw basket with seasonal fruit: grapes, ripe apple, quince on each table! Decorate the grooms table with a dried leaves carpet and drapery of dark red organza!

Traditional theme

If you know the tradition and everything is beautiful in your folklore, this season offers the opportunity to put your ideas out all about this issue, specifically to your country.

Choose a rustic location, with wood, that is decorated with objects that are specific for this theme: birds and stuffed animals, old pots hanging on the walls, towels, etc. Ensure a traditional welcome for the guests with bread and salt! Substitute champagne for the reception guests with brandy! You can accessorize the wedding outfits with traditional elements: a popular blouse, a belt, a towel or a scarf!

Use to decorate guests tables some decorative clay pots and plates instead of using wheat spikes of flowers, branches with berries and even sunflower! Replace classic with traditional tablecloths. Create a special occasion by inviting a group of children dressed in costumes!

Enjoy as much of the wedding related habits, traditions and respect the petition of the bride and groom cook! A popular folk music and plenty of house wine, will ensure good mood for three days and three nights!