napa wedding

Forget the Passport, Go Domestic With a Cozy Summer Weddding

napa wedding

Forget about the passport and go domestic with one of these United States wedding destinations. Why? Because it’s summer. Whether you and your special someone want sand and surf, hip and unique, or luxurious and sophisticated, here are some charming places to say “I Do!”

Sand and Surf

With all of its sunny weather and astonishing beaches, Florida is a perfect replacement for the Caribbean and Mexico beach charm and likely to have much better prices and easier for your guests to travel to. And, don’t forget about how it boasts the most popular amusement parks and great golf and other fun in the sun outdoor sporting. Each destination in Florida is a unique delight. Check out Palm Beach for a packed lodge-side party, Miami for a Cuban flavor, and don’t forget the Keys for an island atmosphere. During the reception, be sure to keep friends and family cool while celebrating and dancing with portable air conditioners cranked on high I’m just saying.

florida beach honeymoon
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Hipster Cities

The signs are all around you: Do you both dig record stores, music venues, repertory cinema, boutiques, and Vietnamese food from a food truck? If you said yes to any of the above, then plan a hipster wedding in Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine or Austin, Texas — hip and vibrant cities for an outdoor wedding. With an emphasis of fun, Oregon and Maine have postcard-perfect weather in the summer. Imagine blue skies, pine-scrubbed breezes and nightlife ideal for a bohemian culture. Here is what you’ll need to know:

  • Ditch tradition
  • Fad the dress
  • Incorporate art
  • Location
  • Hire a videographer
  • Mason jars-as-glasses
  • Upbeat and juvenile music are key

The first step to planning a hipster wedding is to think outside the box. Getting ride of the traditional hotel ballroom is a must. Always go non-traditional and start planning. You should be able to put a hipster wedding together in just a matter of a couple months.

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California Dreaming

San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Napa Valley are all beautiful destinations in Northern California. For the best hotels and wedding packages in San Francisco, recommends the Omni Hotel, Hotel Majestic and the Sir Francis Drake. Want a more peaceful and pastoral setting? Head to Lake Tahoe for alpine lakes and waterfalls. Turn that Lake Tahoe wedding into unique, adventure travel and get hitched in a hot air balloon. Wedding parties are prohibited at most wineries in Napa Valley, but not all of them so do your research. The Hans Fahden Vineyard, located five minutes from downtown Calistoga, moonlights as a wedding venue. The town of Calistoga is known for its spas and mud baths. The Hans Fahden Vineyard features a dining room that’s a volcanic cave. Now that’s eco-friendly.

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Keep your destination wedding domestic and charm your guests at these locales. You won’t even have to travel far for your honeymoon, as well.

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