DIY Wedding Favor Ideas


If looking for ways to save money on your wedding, consider DIY favors. Plenty of fabulous ideas exist that allow you to show off your creativity and provide your wedding guests with something wonderfully-heartfelt. Consider the following ideas and feel great giving your beloved guests something to cherish from your big day.

Mini Favor Boxes

Create your own favor boxes by ordering foldable options and decorating them how you wish. Twine is a classic option, though you can also find tutorials for making paper pom-poms and the like. Fill the boxes with chocolates and candy, baked goods, small charms, or anything else that’s cute and affordable.

Fried Herbed Almonds

Provide your guests with fried goodness via this yummy recipe. Learn how to package them so they stay fresh, and enjoy knowing you’re giving your guests something to munch on as they leave the reception.

Cactus Place Cards

Create fun place cards that also serve as delightful wedding favors. Mini cacti planted in decorated tin cans with little “flags” featuring each guest’s name are delightful. They also provide your guests with a way to remember your special day long after you have said “I do.”

Jam Jars

Fill mason jars with favorite jam recipes, and don’t forget to include colorful bits of cloth when closing said jars. Use the website The Cooking Bride for recipe ideas if necessary.

Fire Starters

Throwing a fall or winter wedding? Use pine cones and small boxes to give guests fire starter favors. Add a cute message to each box if you like, such as “Love is friendship set on fire” or “Let love warm your hearts.”

Instant Mocha Mix

Use small glass vials to make instant mocha mix, yet another practical wedding favor option. This tutorial outlines everything you need and even calls for mini marshmallows.

Bird Seed

Fill small, pretty white or brown bags with bird seed. Add stickers featuring your name along with instructions, such as “Toss the bird seed after the ceremony to send the happy couple on their way.” This self-cleaning favor is pretty nifty, right?

Have any of the above options sparked your interest? The internet is chock-full of options, so you have plenty of ideas to choose from!