12 Questions to Ask Your DJ

At some point in the wedding planning process, you’ll need to start thinking about your entertainment. Whether or not you decide to go with a live band or a fun and personable DJ, is completely up to you. But either way, you’ll need to interview and ask questions. And we’ve compiled the most important ones concerning that disc jockey you’re eyeballing.

There are certain bits of information you need to attain before you book them and make any payments. From experience to personality, fully vet your entertainment choices beforehand. In fact, use these 12 questions below to get yourself started.

12 Questions to Ask Your DJ

Can you double as MC?

Why: Just because they know how to DJ doesn’t mean they can handle the announcements and overall flow of the reception. Make sure that this is something they do and are comfortable with before assuming that he/she will be the ones inviting you and your new partner to the floor for the first dance or introducing speech givers.

What’s your style like?

Why: You’ve got to be sure that their DJing style and overall vibe matches with what you’re envisioning for your big day. Do you want someone with a bit of an edge to match your party atmosphere? Or are you looking for something who can be a bit more refined?

Do you handle all of the setups?

Why: Make sure that the DJ can handle all of the equipment and doesn’t need any help setting up or breaking down. If not, make sure everyone knows who’s who and when they’re supposed to be there – coordinate with the wedding planner to help everything run smoothly.

What exactly do your packages include? How many hours?

Why: Don’t blindly pick a package and hope for the best. Be sure you know what all is included – Setup? Breakdown? Gratuity? – and know how many hours you’re getting out of the entertainment. You don’t want the DJ leaving before everyone is off the dance floor.

What’s your sick-day policy? Or what’s your backup plan in case of emergency?

Why: Both of these questions are extremely important and could definitely happen. Your DJ should have some type of Plan B in place in case he/she gets sick on the day of or runs into some kind of emergency. Whether that’s an emergency that causes their absence or an equipment flub, make sure they know how to act accordingly and what you can expect.

Have you booked anything else on our date?

Why: Make sure you know what the plan is if there’s an event ahead of yours that runs over. And, at the same time, if there’s nothing going on after – ask about overtime fees just in case you want to pump a bit longer out of the party if everyone seems to be having a great time.

How long have you been doing weddings?

Why: This is simply to gauge experience. You may get some peace of mind knowing that they have a good handle on how weddings work – and you’ll be able to look up some reviews as well.

Do you have liability insurance?

Why: Professionals will have this and again, it will give you peace of mind knowing that everyone is protected appropriately in the event of an accident.

What do you wear to events?

Why: You’ll want to make sure that his/her attire matches the event. And if it doesn’t, make sure you let him/her know that it’s a black-tie event or a more casual affair so he/she is comfortable while entertaining the crowd. Most professionals will actually ask you what you’d like for them to wear, so be ready to answer!

Do we need to rent any extra equipment?

Why: This is another important one. Ask if you need to supply microphones, speakers, and the like. A lot of pros will come with their own setup but it’d be terrible to get caught without the necessities.

Have you worked our venue before?

Why: Extension cords, acoustics, and more come into play when it comes to the music of the night. And if he/she is already familiar with the setup, they’ll know exactly how to prepare for the event. If not, try to coordinate a time to look at it together.

What’s the cancellation policy?

Why: And finally, make sure you’re up-to-date on the cancellation policy. Just find out what happens – the consequences – if your date changes or if you change your mind in any way.