For The Bride Or Groom Who’s Always Late

If your reputation in the punctuality department precedes you (i.e. your lack thereof), the prospect of rocking up fashionably late on your big day might indeed be causing you a bit of stress. Whether it’s because you take too long getting ready or lose all concept of time in the mornings, this guide should give you a few tips to ensure a punctual (and spouse-friendly) arrival time.

Get Organized in Advance

Way, way before the big day, you’ll want to think about setting a realistic checklist of what tasks need to be completed, and when. Hopefully, if you are the late-running culprit, your partner is a slightly more organized type, to set targets on a clear timeline.

Checklists will keep you both in the same space of mind with regards to deadlines and help cut back on last-minute frustrations associated with poorly researched, spontaneous bookings. If you do start to feel a bit overwhelmed with the list of ‘To Dos’, check out TaskRabbit, an app that allows you to outsource maintenance tasks with local service people in your area – handy if you’ve left it until last minute to assemble a gazebo or hire furniture.

The Gift of Time

Traditionally, some people give their spouse-to-be the gift of an engraved watch to commemorate the big day. If the recipient of the watch is someone who’s always running late, this can be an especially good idea to ensure they never have any excuses! When it comes to big names in the world of luxury timepieces, Rolex is the first one that springs to mind if you do plan on giving your loved one a very special and enduring gift, but with a less dramatic price tag, consider looking at second-hand and vintage as options, too.

Pre-prepare Yourself

Pre-pouring your Frosties into the bowl ready for the milk; polishing your dress shoes the night before, ironing, separating and individually laying out your socks next to your shirt and pants in the spare room… it’s called Level 10 organization, people, and it’s going to save the day for latecomers.

In seriousness, help yourself out in advance by packing your bag/purse/wedding articles that you’ll need on the day the night before, rather than leaving it until the morning when there will undoubtedly be other bigger, more important tasks to distract you. You’ll thank yourself later.

Set Realistic Timings

Think about how long it takes to complete a task, such as having a shower, for example. Now add 15 minutes to that estimation, because typically, people who are always late tend to have an idea of time in their minds that is completely off with regards to how long it really takes them to do something. This then causes the panicking realization of “Where did the time go?!”

Breaking this habit of a lifetime isn’t easy, but first you’ve got to accept the cold, hard fact about your poor planning tendencies. Then, you can allow yourself more than enough time on top of your initial estimations (setting your alarm an hour earlier than first thought, for example) and enjoy Zen-like chill as you cruise through your big day.