just engaged

Just Engaged? Here’s What To Do Next

just engaged
photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

Hello to the legions of the newly engaged  out there!

You see, normally, I’m sitting on the other side of the table when it comes to weddings. As a wedding invitation and stationary designer, my role is to listen, give advice and design cards for brides and grooms. Now I am in this strange role for me where I am the one planning my own wedding and having to get ideas and take advice. Don’t get me wrong, I am really excited but it’s uncharted waters.

My fiancé and I have been together for just over 7 years. Even though I knew we would eventually get married, I can’t help but be in this state of shock now that it is actually happening. So, I’m engaged…what now? I should know the drill, right? I have been working with brides for years so the novelty should be wearing off, but it hasn’t.

Even though many people would be surprised to hear this, I am not the type who enjoys being the centre of attention and, more importantly, I do not like to flaunt or brag. I still don’t know how to broach the subject of our engagement with people. It goes against my nature to make announcements about myself. Of course, there is no way getting around telling your friends and family and they have all been so sweet with nothing but kind words. It’s the acquaintances who leave me speechless. So far my approach has been not to mention it and allow them to pick up on it themselves by noticing the ring or hearing about it through the Facebook grapevine.

just engaged
photo credit: lemuelinchrist via photopin cc

It has only been a couple of days since I have been engaged, and even though I know the typical process from start to finish since I have worked with so many brides, when people ask me questions about when, where and how, I totally freeze! All I know are two things. Actually, make that three. I need toget a rough guest list together and I need to book the ceremony and reception sites. Everything else will come  together in due time. One thing is for sure, I know who is doing my save the dates, invitations and thank you cards! *wink* I get that’s  a major decision because I see the sense of relief when brides decide to sign on with my company to create their cards.

So… where am I in the process of planning of my wedding? Doing the same as the rest of you, I suspect. Though we haven’t yet set a date, I am emailing and calling around to get quotes on reception venues. I don’t necessarily find it daunting but there is so much to compare and contrast. As a bride, you want the right price paired with the right quality with no hidden surprises. I will keep you posted on my journey and I hope you keep me posted on yours. They say there’s power in numbers, so let’s plan together!

What was the hardest thing about becoming engaged for you and your fiance?