fall wedding flowers

Fall Floral Creations for a Memorable Wedding

fall wedding flowers

Check out some flower ideas for your wedding according to season! Don’t forget to check out ourUltimate Guide to Wedding Flowers and Wedding Flower Gallery for inspiration.

The summer season is generally seen as the most popular time for weddings. However, the fall season, with its variety of colors and cooler temps, is also proving to be a great time of year for wedding ceremonies. Flowers for winter, spring, and summer are relatively easy to put together. Fall wedding flowers are somewhat more difficult; however a fall ceremony can be one of the most beautiful.

If the marriage is planned in the fall, flower arrangements for the occasion can be done in earth tones or colors. Fall ceremonies may see dresses made with heavier material or lighter material depending on weather conditions. For example, colors could be more earth tone, such as yellows, oranges, terracotta, browns, black, green, peach, burgundy, red, and burnt orange.

Fall Flowers:

Take into consideration the colors mentioned. Flowers can be paired with herbs and varieties of flowers that normally wouldn’t be used in other seasons. Some flower options could be dahlias, roses, crab apples, asclepiads, rosemary, all types of fall leaves, such as: oak and maple leaves, orchids, calla lilies, poppies, hyacinths, jasmine, viburnum, and sprigs are all kinds of foliage.

fall wedding flowers in season

Every fall season retailers across the U.S. offer specific decor with fall colors- corsages, table center pieces, tables, chairs, bridal runners, head pieces for attendants, and flower accents all lend value to a fall ceremony. The bridal runner could be covered in colorful fall leaves, or rose petals that accentuate the morale- such as burnt orange rose petals.

  • September: Roses in white, yellow, pink or red dahlias in brown orange yellow or red- sunflowers in brown or yellow- hydrangea in blue, green or white, and Black-Eyed Susan’s in yellow or brown.
  • October: Chrysanthemums in white, orange or red, asters in white or purple, fall leaves in oak, elm, maple, poplar, or sycamore.
  • November: Wheat, orchids in yellow, white, or green, Anthodium in white- green or orange work well.

Traditional or Classic Fall Wedding Flowers:

All flowers can be mixed and matched in identical flowers or colors- herbs and foliage can be mixed in. There are so many different variations for brides to work with fall weddings. Brides can also decide the perfect fall flowers that fit into her dream wedding- classic flowers always dazzle with the fall ceremony venue; lilies, roses, Black-Eyed Susan, and dahlias.

Wildflowers make beautiful bouquets- adding berries. Simple bouquets make beautiful floral arrangements, such as a bouquet of yellow sunflowers. Any number of ideas can be considered for fall wedding flowers. Dried flowers can be utilized into a beautiful fall marriage.

fall flowers for weddings
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Flower Fragrances:

Extra tip: Don’t forget fragrances for the fall season! pumpkin, apple pie, and spice- fragrant candles, surrounded by fall florals with scents of the season, can fill the venue with a delightful scent. Tables and chairs can be decorated with fall floral colors too. No matter how the fall bride decides to celebrate her special day, she will have many options to choose from for ever-lasting memories of her fall marriage ceremony.

fall wedding bouquets

Check out some flower ideas for your wedding according to season! Don’t forget to check out ourUltimate Guide to Wedding Flowers and Wedding Flower Gallery for inspiration.

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