Essential Equipment You Can Rent for Your Wedding Event


Planning a wedding party can be exciting, although it takes a lot of time and effort. After sorting out your budget, you need to make arrangement for essential equipment that will be used. No wedding would be complete without the essential equipment; therefore, you should decide whether you want to rent or buy. Normally it is cheaper to rent, since you will be using them specifically for your wedding event. When planning for the essentials, you will need to draw up a list of everything you need. After you have your list, you can hire a party equipment company or event planning company to supply them. Hiring party equipment has become a common practice for event owners. It is a convenient approach to planning a successful wedding. You can pick from a wide variety of equipment and services that fit your budget and preferences. If you don’t know what to include on your list, here are essential equipment you can rent for your wedding event;

Party Marquees

Nowadays, hiring party marquees has become increasingly popular for wedding receptions. This is because it makes wedding planning easy and they are cost effective and versatile. The marquees are easy to decorate with colorful designs to dazzle guests. They make your wedding event more memorable and fascinating. Many equipment hiring companies offer marquees that are well-appointed with beautiful accessories and designs such as chairs and tables, linens and table covers – themed and completely decorated. You can also request for your own customized wedding themed party marquee if you want something unique.

Chocolate Fountain

If you want guests to experience something really special at your wedding event, you should provide them with a chocolate fountain. It provides your guests with an exciting and tasty attraction and makes your event more glamorous and memorable. You can hire an elegant and flowing chocolate fountain to impress your guests. Hiring a chocolate fountain is a great idea because you will need someone to help you keep the area clean. When an overflowing chocolate fountain is not attended to, it can be a bit messy.

Party Furniture Set

Party furniture sets are important for every wedding event. Your guests will need a chair to sit on and a table to sit at. You can rent these furniture pieces rather than spend a large sum of money buying them. Even if you decide to buy them, you will have to worry about what you will do with them when your event is over. There are many event furniture hire companies out there that supply different types of furniture set and accessories to beautify any event. Furniture sets are the backbone of any successful wedding event. Wedding furniture sets are different from any other event functions. Most wedding furniture sets are luxurious, a wide range of first-class banquet chairs and tables.

DJ Equipment

DJ equipment is essential for a wedding event. Even it is a small party where you just want to plug in your iPod to a DJ sound system, you still need to hire DJ equipment to supply the music such as a mixer and speaker. If your DJ will be using vinyl or CDs, you will need to hire a DJ mixer or Two Technics or Pioneer DJM1000 equipment. The equipment are top quality and standard for your wedding party, they provide good sound quality that would entertain your guests and make them feel relaxed.

Catering Equipment

Most catering companies offer complete catering equipment you may need for your wedding party. You should hire catering equipment from a company that offers never-ending stocks. Catering hiring companies offer a wide range of equipment such as gas and electrical catering equipment, cutlery, glassware, china, Silverware settings, Salt and pepper shakers, serving trays, water pitchers, buffet equipment, coffee and beverage equipment, linen and tableware accessories. Some can even supply furniture. The best part equipment companies to hire from, are the ones that can supply you with everything on your checklist.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting a wedding event always bring out the best photographs. Lighting equipment has become an essential for events. The lighting equipment is used to transform a wedding event into an exciting and styled event. The more advanced the lighting technology is, the more beautiful, brighter, cooler and awesome your wedding event will be.

It is not easy to plan a wedding party, it can be time-consuming and stressful. However, if the event is well-planned, it will reflect every detail and equipment used. Hire the best party equipment and give your guest the most memorable event they will ever attend in their lifetime.