Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Part 2

Your guest book is a precious keepsake that you can intentionally have for years to come. Kind words and a record of friends and family in attendance on your big day, this piece of the wedding doesn’t have to be the most traditional of choices. We’ve shown you some unique choices and ideas before but we’re here again to show off wedding guest books and have you grab some alternative inspiration!

Wedding Guest BooksA book full of tiny envelopes with tiny letters inside from all your guests, it’ll be a great read after every anniversary rolls by.

Wedding Guest BooksDIY some artwork for your newlywed home, and have a spot for each of your loved ones to sign.

Wedding Guest BooksOf course, you could have everyone pin where they’re from to a world map for an extra personalized piece.

Wedding Guest BooksSign in using some vintage-inspired decorative pieces.

Wedding Guest BooksOr have your friends and family sign the matted frame from your favorite engagement photo.

Wedding Guest BooksA handful of postcards can turn into the most perfect guestbook experience, especially when there’s a mailbox to place them in.

Wedding Guest BooksHave your guests take selfies and then stick them inside a scrapbook, sign and seal it!

Wedding Guest BooksAdd a tip jar to the reception and have each guests include some of their own “tips” to live by.

Wedding Guest BooksYou could even have your guests answer personalized and unique questions. Their answers may surprise you!

Wedding Guest BooksGrab your new monogram and have your favorite people sign it with love. It’ll become an instant classic for your home!

photos via SMP