5 steps in having an eco friendly wedding

If we have been careless in the past, as far as our Planet is concerned, nowadays we tend to be more and more careful. So, if you want to land a helping hand and to do something for the Earth, while planning your nuptials, then you should organize an eco friendly wedding.
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To begin with, let’s talk about your wedding centerpieces. Instead of buying something artificial, made of plastic, for embellishing your wedding venue, you could go ahead and pick something natural. For instance you may improve the aspect of your wedding location by inserting some beautiful pots of flower, which could transform into some delightful wedding favours.

5 steps in having an eco friendly wedding - eco friendly bridal shower invitationCredit
Eco friendly bridal shower invitation

If you are worried about your wedding stationery, you should know that it is all right if you will use tree-free or recycled paper. The aspect of wedding invitations made of eco friendly paper is amazing; it is elegant and it goes well with any style of wedding. Not to mention that if you want something colourful for your wedding, you can have it.

5 steps in having an eco friendly wedding - natural sinamay envelopesCredit
Natural sinamay envelopes

It would be a great idea of you would use ingredients and product form you local vendors. Besides being eco friendly, these products will also be fresh and they will last much longer than those that will have to travel a long way, before getting to you. Therefore, support the local vendors and, but their products for your wedding.

And if you have started in this eco note, why shouldn’t you continue like such? Our recommendation would be to serve your guests food in some environmentally friendly plates and bowls. It will create such a lovely appearance, and such plates will definitely help you contribute at preserving the nature, while planning your nuptials.

5 steps in having an eco friendly wedding - eco plantable heart shaped confettiCredit
Plantable heart shaped confetti

And last but not least, you should insert some recycling bins in your wedding location. In this way you will be sure that the things meant to be recycled will get in the right place. Be prepared and complete your task, in case you really desire an eco friendly wedding ceremony.

So, follow the steps mentioned above and you will succeed in planning the wedding of your dreams, and at the same time in respecting our Earth.