First Dance Songs

first dance songs

first dance songs

The First Dance

Here are some great songs for the bride and groom. The “first dance” is likely the most popular part of a wedding reception. Every guest waits in anticipation to see the lovely couple take their first dance together. First dances are always the signal to all guests that it time to get the party started. Some couples like to pick a traditional song, others like to pick a special song that means something to them and more recently there is even a trend towards all out dance showcases by couples who do all sorts of fun things. Whatever the choice, we hope the list below is a good start for finding the perfect song for your first dance. Personally, at Team Wedding we recommend choosing a song that really is yours. Digging deep into what speaks to your love and relationship can be beautiful. Please take your time with this and try not to focus as much on how well you will dance the song. If it is your song, it will come through. I invite you to trust yourselves that it will be perfect regardless of your dancing skills or not!

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Top 10 First Dance Songs

    First Dance Songs

    Some Other First Dance Wedding Songs Listed by Genre

    Congratulations to all of the couples who were engaged on Valentines Day! Now the planning and research begins, including the search for a perfect song to share your first dance together as husband and wife. For some couples, this will be a no-brainer, as it will be the song when you shared your first kiss. For others, the decision will require careful consideration. In addition to considering the lyrics and tempo, you should also select a song that reflects your personal musical taste and that fits the mood of the event. To that end, we have listed 50 songs across ten musical genres. Listed below is the name of a given musical genre in bold, followed by five key picks immediately below. Good luck in finding the perfect song for your special day!

    Modern First Dance Songs

      R&B/Soul First Dance Songs

        Classic Rock First Dance Songs

          Alternative Rock First Dance Songs

            80′s First Dance Songs

              70′s First Dance Songs

                Country First Dance Songs

                  Oldies First Dance Songs

                    Reggae First Dance Songs

                      Latin First Dance Songs


                        MORE: See our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Music and other  Definitive Wedding Guides.  

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