Here’s Your Guide To Creating A Memorable First Dance As Husband & Wife.

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wedding first dance

You wedding first dance is important. You want your bride and groom first dance to be memorable and special. Here are some first dance ideas:

Dance like nobody’s watching. After all, the first dance is all about the husband and wife. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making sure it is a showstopper. A choreographed couple’s dance just might be the best way to do that.

Many think that a choreographed routine takes away from the emotion of the newlywed’s first dance. What many don’t know is that it is very much possible to hold on to the emotional moment of the first dance and showcase the couple’s personality all that the same time. And don’t worry about having two left feet. It’s nothing a few instructional videos or a private dance class can’t fix. As long as you pick a song that you both love, you should be fine!

wedding first dance songs

Need some dance routine ideas?

Here are a few that are guaranteed a standing ovation.

Waltz– Many couples choose to waltz for their first dance because it is the safe and traditional choice. The close dance position, gliding motions and the romantic feel allow the couple to hold on to that sentimental feeling expected from the first dance. Conversely, the waltz has a specific beat making it a little bit more difficult for the less experienced dancer to pick up.

Tango– The tango is an extremely powerful dance and perfect for the daring couple. Short and sharp footwork makes for a dramatic build-up of tension felt between the dance partners. The groom who likes to take control would love this dance for the ability to lead and the strong sense of supremacy it evokes.

Foxtrot– For those with a live a band, the foxtrot may be the perfect style for the first dance as newlyweds. However, its versatile style makes it well suited for any type of music with four beats per measure. The foxtrot tends to be popular amongst brides and grooms because of the ability to create a lively routine to dazzle the crowd or a mellow and romantic duet allowing everyone to get lost in the performance.

first dance songs
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More tips for the perfect first dance as husband and wife:

1. Don’t pick a song that’s too slow. Slow songs are usually harder to dance to. A medium to fast tempo song will do the job.
2. Ladies, don’t wear open toe shoes. Having covered toes will provide added protection in the event the groom accidentally steps on them.
3. Choreograph half the song. Even professional performers don’t always dance to the whole song. Make things easier on yourself but cutting it short so you have fewer steps to remember. Choreograph two minutes instead of all four.
4. Practice a couple months in advance. As the wedding date draws near, it’s only natural that you may get flustered with a busy schedule. Learn the dance early so there is less to worry about it.
5. Don’t wear a veil. Veils can be a distraction to the dancers and the audience. The groom can easily grab the veil or trip on it during the routine.
6. Eliminate surprises. Practice in conditions that closely resemble those of your wedding day. Brides, give it a run in your high heels and your tiara. Guys, put on your leather shoes and make sure the soles don’t slip on the floor too much.
7. Enjoy yourself. After all, it is your wedding day! The first dance is the perfect time to have some fun. Share the moment and the fun by inviting guests on to the dance floor with you.

first dance songs for weddings

What other tips and dance styles provide for a memorable and stress-free first dance? Com’on DJs and photographers…give brides and grooms your advice!