5 Hot, Winter Signature Drinks for Your Wedding Reception

Are you planning a winter wedding complete with snowflake details, frosted accents and rich, sultry hues? From your gown to the treats passed around during cocktail hour, every part of your celebration will reflect your couple style and the season! And with a winter wedding comes so many unique ideas that spring, summer and fall cannot handle. Although you may think it’s more challenging to plan this type of party during wintertime, it can also be a lot more personal, romantic and unique: all the way to what your guests will be sipping on! We suggest warming your loved ones up with one of these heated, signature drinks … take a peek!

Hot Toddy Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Sweet Tea Hot Toddy

Offering up a hot toddy to your guests will be like offering up a nice, relaxing night in at home. It’s relaxing and comforting, with some incredible flavors. First you start with a tea of your choice, lemon, honey and pick your bourbon or whiskey mixed with hot water. This is a great choice for an afternoon wedding or one with a more rustic, homey setting.

Peppermint Mocha Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Kahlua Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate

Use this recipe that we stumbled upon or create your own twist on this idea, whatever the case, you cannot go wrong with a combination of warm, chocolate and peppermint, especially during the holiday season. Your guests will feel like they’re getting the ultimate treat and completely being spoiled by this signature choice, especially if you’re saying your I do’s during Christmastime!

Apple Cider Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Hot Buttered Rum

Brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and of course, some rum, are just some of the key ingredients in this cozy drink. Some of your guests may never have tasted this treat before, but when they do they’ll never forget it. A liquid heaven that agrees with most, it’s a most sophisticated drink for a more formal or evening wedding throughout any of the winter months.

Mulled Wine Winter Wedding Signature Drink

Mulled Wine

Most of your guests will expect wine at your wedding, but none will except a warmed, mulled wine! And that’s why you should surprise them with it! With some orange slices and the right glasses, your guests will get to choose not only between the usual white and red, but mulled too! It’ll be a detail they’ll remember along with all of your others nods to the season.

Orange Spiced Cider

Orange Spiced Cider

This cider has a bit of rum in it so give it a boost and personality, which we’re sure your loved ones won’t mind. But cider is a great choice is you want something that people are familiar with. The key is to make it better than any other cider than they’ve ever had before. Which is why the rum and orange touches come in handy.