A Chic Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

tiffany wedding
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/254383078925943922/
tiffany wedding
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/254383078925943922/

Tiffany blue is a bold, versatile, and fashionable color that has been very popular in weddings over the last few years.  It’s a medium aqua blue that reminds many people of clear tropical ocean waters – and of course, of the famous jeweler Tiffany & Company, for which “tiffany blue” is their signature and trademarked color.  It contains a nice balance of blue and green, which makes it easy to match with a wide array of colors.  It also goes well with almost any skin tone, which makes it a popular choice for bridesmaids’ dresses or as an accent color on a wedding dress.

It’s easy to plan a Tiffany blue wedding theme since just about any wedding item can be found in tiffany blue (or a very similar aqua blue and turquoise) – invitations, favors, table decorations, jewelry and thank you notes and even a vest & tie set for the groom!  The main decision after choosing tiffany blue as one of your wedding colors is what color, or colors, to pair with it.  White is the obvious choice, as well as chocolate brown.  (Tiffany Blue and Brown Bags) For a wedding that may have a tropical theme, try soft pink or mango orange.  Any natural color from the sea should coordinate nicely. For a more luxurious theme, you could pair tiffany blue with silver or gold.  A bright scarlet would be a dramatic choice, but since tiffany blue is already a bold color, liberal use of a third neutral color such as ivory, white, or cream would help prevent that combination from being overwhelming.

If you want to avoid artificially colored flowers, the best way to feature tiffany blue in your floral arrangements would be as ribbons or vases, with the flowers themselves being your other chosen wedding color.

Whether you want to remind your guests of “the good life” as represented by Tiffany & Company, or you simply wish to tease them with hints of warmer tropical climates, tiffany blue is a beautiful color for a wedding theme!

If you’re a bride and groom, wedding planner or family member planning a Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme for your upcoming wedding please tell us about it and post some photos too.

Some Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

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tiffany wedding
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tiffany blue wedding
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tiffany blue wedding theme
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