cultural wedding traditions

Steal With Pride! 6 Cultural Wedding Traditions We Absolutely Love

cultural wedding traditions
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Wedding traditions inspire almost every piece of a wedding celebration. These cultural wedding traditions may come from your family, cultural heritage or the region you live in. Many couples have mixed cultural heritage, and it’s unlikely any two families do things exactly the same way. We’d like to encourage all of our readers to pick a few cultural traditions that have significance in your relationship, and incorporate them in your wedding day, even if you don’t represent the culture where the tradition originated.

Our Favorite Cultural Traditions to Copy

1. The Dutch Wedding Wish Tree. Instead of a guestbook, guests write wishes for the bride and groom on provided card stock with brightly colored ribbons. All of the wishes are tied to a branch or tree near the bridal couples table.

Dutch Wedding Wish Tree

2. French Grooms walk their mother down the aisle before they take their place at the altar– If your guy and his mom are close, this is a beautiful way to honor her, and symbolize him now moving forward with you as the leading lady in his life.

french wedding

3. Indian Wedding Celebrations last several days – If you have guests who will be traveling from afar to celebrate with you, fill their days with fun. Be sure to be sensitive to your guests timeline and budget.

indian wedding tradition
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4. Irish/Scottish tradition of handfasting– or tying a scarf or kerchief around the couples hands, symbolizing the “Tying of the Knot.” This scarf can be a great way to incorporate, or create, a family heirloom from parents’ weddings, baptism, etc.

irish wedding tradition

5. The Jewish Chuppah – the canopy covering the bridal couple, signifies the couple’s first “home”, open on all sides to welcome in others. Non-Jewish couples often assign significance to the number of poles (4) holding up the canopy, and it provide a beautiful piece of décor for your day.


6. Spanish weddings – The wedding lasso is placed over the heads of the bridal couple, either by the officiant or family members,  signifying infinity.


The wedding lasso

The world over is full of traditions that make up beautiful wedding ceremonies. Take some time to research those tied to your cultural heritage, and go ahead and pick a few are important to you, as a couple.


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