Family Unity Candle Ceremony During A Vow Renewal Ceremony

My husband and I were married 10 years ago, when we were 19. We are looking for a “do over” considering the first marriage was not exactly what we had hoped for. We are opting for a church and holding a reception where we were first married. Our daughter (5 years) will be our flower-girl and our son (10 years) will be a junior usher.

We would like to somehow incorporate them into the ceremony to signify our growth as a family. We are planning on using a vow renewal format and hoped to somehow incorporate a family unity candle, however, all of the ceremonies we have found are for blended families…. any thoughts?

Wedding Queen

Let’s start off by saying what we always say on the forum – there are no wedding “do-overs”. Weddings are ceremonies to join two people in marriage. Since you’re already married, the ceremony you should choose is a vow renewal or blessing of the marriage (if done in a place of worship). Please speak to your pastor for more information. There are no attendants for a renewal, but your children can certainly participate in the service, even at their young age.

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family unity candle

Reverend Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

Yes! And here goes…words for a family unity candle ceremony during a vow renewal ceremony.

For this, you will need four individual tapered candles plus a Family Unity Candle (chunkier candle).

(Wife/Mother and Husband/father each light a candle to symbolize the light of their individual spirits.)

Celebrant: 10 years ago, you jointly lit a unity candle to symbolize the sanctity of your marriage. From your marriage, the light of two beautiful children came forth into being.

(Both of you, along with one of your children at a time, light a candle—that is, 3 on one candle—to symbolize the light of his/her soul.)

Celebrant: Now we ask you as a family to light a Family Unity Candle representing the sanctity that is family. May it shine as abeacon light. May it be an indestructible force. May it be a source of love, warmth and comfort always.

What a blessedly wonderful example for your children!