Brother Walking Me Down The Aisle. How to Add Him to The Program.

I am making the wedding programs for my niece. Her brother is escorting her down the aisle. How do I say this and where should I list this information in the wedding program?

Weddings Unlimited

On the section where you are listing the wedding party, which is usually in the order they are coming into the church, list the brother at the end and state..”Brother of the bride and her escort”

The Wedding Expert

Yes, the wedding attendants should be listed in the order of the processional so that the guests can follow along.

For example:

  • Bridesmaid Suzy Smith – Bride’s Cousin
  • Bridesmaid Anna Adams – Bride’s Childhood Friend
  • Bridesmaid Janis Jones – Bride’s Sorority Sister
  • Maid of Honor Barbara Barnes – Bride’s Sister
  • Bridal Escort Thomas Lee – Bride’s Brother

I hope this helps to give you a format to follow.

The Bride Next Door

I am a church secretary who has done many, many wedding programs. You list him under the wedding party as:

Bride’s escort: James Smith (brother of the bride)

That’s how I do it! Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.