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What Song Should I Walk Down the Aisle To At My Vow Renewal?

For our vow renewal, would it be “off” for us to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride?”

I am planning to have a small renewal of vows ceremony for our 10th wedding anniversary. There will be no entourage, but I was thinking of our family walking down the aisle: my 9-year old son, bringing our new rings, then my 6-year old daughter as a little flower girl, then me alongside my husband.

I am thinking of a short song for our march down the aisle. I loved the Here Comes the Bride Jonathan Cain version instrumental, but I am thinking, since it is not really a “wedding”, would it be “off” if we walk down the aisle to that song? Also, since it’s technically not “here comes the bride” but “here comes the family?”

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Congratulations on your anniversary.

I’d steer clear of that song because, as you’ve pointed out, you’re not a bride.

I’d suggest a song that is meaningful (perhaps your original wedding song, the one you danced to as new husband and wife). Here is a list of songs for a vow renewal that you might find helpful. We’ve also had a question and answer previous on this topic called Songs for Wedding Vow Renewals and 25th anniversary vow renewal songs over at I Do Take Two!

Please note that the 10th wedding anniversary isn’t viewed as a milestone so plan the renewal appropriately.



What’s truly important for any wedding, second marriage or vow renewal is that it’s special to you. Go with your gut, be creative and don’t be afraid of what people will think whether it’s your walk down the aisle or your first dance! Explore different options and have fun planning!

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