The romantic details of my purple wedding ceremony

You have chosen to plan a purple wedding ceremony. Well, let us say that you couldn’t have chosen a more romantic shade than this. However, in order to complete the romance of this ceremony, you should know what wedding decorations to pick. And, since you are never alone, we will give you some useful tips, so that you may end up with a romantic and gorgeous wedding décor.

Some purple votive candles would not only be romantic but they would also give a special and intimate touch to your wedding ceremony. In case you want to make these wedding items even more adorable, then you could attach a sash to them. These will instantly fill the place with grace and delicacy.

In order to have some romantic table centerpieces, you could purchase some purple heart- shaped vases, in which you could put your favorite flowers. Or you could do vice versa.

You may purchase some vases displaying a natural shade, maybe white, black, cream, and so on, in which you could put some sage, vanilla garden, verbena, and so on; and thus the atmosphere will gain a natural and artistic touch.

Another purple detail that would help a lot at creating a romantic ambient would be the table cloth. Maybe you haven’t given many thoughts about this special detail, but the fact is that this wedding element has an important role when talking about the overall aspect of a wedding décor. As a result, you would better think twice before buying the table cloth. Our advice would be to purchase something made of a fine fabric and displaying a beautiful design. You will see that you will surely make a great impression if you decide to follow this tip.

A great idea for the wedding background would be to place the wedding favors in some purple, small and adorable boxes. Then you may arrange these boxes in a fashionable bowl and offer to your guests on their way out of your wedding reception. This will really make a splash and will definitely make you stand out. So, try to insert something like this at your wedding venue, and the romantic touch will be assured.

Therefore, these are some useful tips, when decorating your wedding venue. As you can see, these items are not very expensive and they’re certainly not something that will over charge the décor. So, use some of our ideas, focus on this romantic color and your wedding will be a success.