4 Wedding Trends: A Chance To Be Yourself

For some people, a wedding is a chance to finally let their personalities shine. Think in terms of a Star Wars-themed affair or bringing in llamas to join you in walking down the aisle, there is no better occasion than a wedding to display the quirky side in your relationship! Actually, anything goes these days when it comes to weddings.

While there are some overriding factors, today’s bride knows what she wants, and she wants it customized. Favorite colors, personal touches, foods, and themes that are set to be as unique as the bride will be the highlight in future matrimonial season trends. Here are some trends you should expect.

Extreme Wedding Preparation Trends

As the date for the wedding draws closer, couples find themselves the subjects of a whirlwind of events, activities, and parties – some you host, others you are the guests of honor – including bridal showers, the bridesmaids’ luncheon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and finally the rehearsal dinner. In the flurry of activity, you need to keep active and alert, which may explain why couples are actively finding ways to do just that by searching for information on how to take aniracetam and other nootropics.

In an effort to look at their best during the wedding ceremony, brides are taking measures to control their weight and appearance. In fact, establishments like Julio Garcia MD Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic offers have seen an upsurge of would-be brides coming in for treatments before their wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photography

The pre-wedding photography trend is spreading like fire, and there’s hardly any couple out there who does not want it. This is probably one of the most engaging and fun sessions in any wedding, and it should be on all couples’ to do list. Not only do you get gorgeous photos, but you can immortalize all those special moments for future generations.

Couples are increasingly heading to the outskirts, trying out different themes and concepts, going for outdoor and indoor shots, experimenting with underwater photography, and even drone photography. Spending the day having fun and posing with your-to-be-husband, making memories and sealing them in photos is an awesome pre-wedding trend.

The Hollywood First Kiss

Today, guests do not have to wait until midnight for the sparkler or rice toss event. Couples are looking for the celebrations to kick in as soon as the first kiss. Whether a marching band, fireworks, or confetti blast follows the kiss, the celebration marks the start of the ceremony.

The next big trend is going for large-scale installations. For instance, filling a ceiling with floating orbs, flowers or drapers helps add a sense of wonder, creating a long-lasting, beautiful memory.

After-Party Transformations

Traditionally, the after-party DJ came in to replace the wedding band at the end of a night for one to two hours when the couple would dance. However, there is a shift to fully developed after-party themes, which are direct products of the couples’ personal preferences. This includes a full-blown electronic music festival, a cabaret hot spot in Paris and even a beach party.

The after-party is the event when everyone lets loose in a new environment. In addition, it has become the full-on focal point of the wedding night for the entire wedding crowd. In today’s events, it isn’t just about having a wedding, it’s all about transporting your guests to somewhere magical and allowing them to have a once in a lifetime experience!