Just A Bit of Blush & Navy Wedding Day Inspiration

Are you looking for a classic color scheme for the day you say, “I do?” Are you looking to bring bouts of romance, tradition and a touch of modern style to the celebration? If so, then we’ve got two tones that contrast nicely and compliment wonderfully. Navy brings a rich foundation to everything from the reception tables to the groom’s tux. And blush touches everything so gently that all parts of the wedding will look a bit more delicate and full of femininity.

It’s important to pick your wedding day colors early on in the planning process. The focus of the day will center around these tones and the theme you’re envisioning. Before you decide on the bouquet, the cake and, of course, the bridesmaids’ dresses, you’ll need to conquer this task.

Grab some inspiration with these wedding day shots full of navy and blush color pairings! From the flowers to the attire, fill your head and planner with ideas surrounding this wonderful duo.

blush and navy wedding day colors

0f9b4711db0f63fd7cb23458b6314afaSoft pinks offset rich, navy dresses – such a perfect, crisp way to adorn your gals.


Signage to highlight the night isn’t a necessity, but when it’s this pretty, why not utilize the personalized piece?

38f487f7d8a331dbc1fc6dde9358c318Mr. & Mrs. signs at the sweetheart table look charming and romantic dressed in blush and complimented by a silky navy blue.

79b4a876d31de384b61de857c717589cAnd don’t worry, even the groomsmen – and groom – will be dressed to impressed in this fairy-tale like combination.

118ce2ed8759d98dc75006973c680114You can dress these colors up for both more formal evenings and more casual celebrations as well – which includes the reception tables.

7a6c2c26f8cccde3e205100d5fb2c5c3Just a touch of blushing hues and golden tones surround this navy cake – making a studding and unique focal point to the reception area.


Here’s more beautiful, bridal party inspiration but this time you can see the contrast of the ladies in the waiting and the bride!

a522bc3140844eea3758fd788962a737Glam up this color duo with a bit of sparkling fabrics, this dessert table shows how versatile these shades can be and still very traditional bridal.

c32bc1339ff401b604e88ed057da55ddThis invitation set is full of thematic vision and blushing navy tones. We love it’s versatile, uniqueness and pop!

c4168954dd4ab46bde346d0571cf71a1Even your signature drinks can be dressed in the colors of the day. Pink sips with navy compliments surround the day.

photos via Pinterest