Unique and Unusual Wedding Tips and Tricks


Weddings are tough to plan, with a variety of factors going into making sure the day of your dreams is everything you’d hoped for. Orchestrating your nuptials is a tough task, and requires strict attention to detail to ensure everything goes off without a hitch—no pun intended. Keep these unique tips in mind as your wedding day approaches.

Give Your Feet a Break

In all the hustle and bustle of picking out the dress and shoes for your walk down the aisle, it’s easy to forget you’ll be on your feet for hours after the ceremony. Make sure you bring along a pair of comfy flats that will complement your dress but give your feet a necessary break from the painful heels you’re probably sporting for your vows. If you’re not completely devoted to wearing heels down the aisle, consider wearing flats from the beginning—you’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Drop Off an Overnight Bag

Few couples actually head out on their honeymoon mere hours after celebrating their vows, but most do tend to stay in a hotel or special venue for their wedding night. Instead of having to head home after to get a change of clothes and all of your toiletries, have a bag packed and ready to go. If you can, ask a friend to take the bags over to the hotel room to ensure it’s waiting for you when you finally check in that night.

Keep Snacks On Hand

The nerves are going to be in fine form on your wedding day, and that’s to be expected. If you find your nervousness makes it hard for you to eat real meals, make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand that are easy to pop into your mouth. Even if you’re not feeling hungry, you’ll need your energy—the last thing you want is to faint on your way down the aisle. You can order a delivery of fresh fruit for you and your bridesmaids to snack on in the hours it takes to get ready, or grab a few protein bars and keep them handy in case hunger starts to gnaw at your tummy.

A Smoke Free Ceremony

One thing we don’t tend to plan for in weddings is the presence of smokers, but it’s likely you know a few. If you have friends or family that are avid smokers and you don’t want acrid clouds of smoke filling up your wedding reception (and wreaking havoc on your skin!), section off an area out of the way where relatives and friends can smoke without affecting you and other guests. You may also request that they use electronic alternatives instead of normal options, like NJOY e-cigarettes. These don’t put off smoke and are often odorless, so there’s no chance of disgusting secondhand smoke ruining your day.

Taking the Wedding Cargo Home

After your wedding reception ends, you’ll be saddled with a lot of new cargo; from mementos to décor you’d like to save to all the wedding gifts piled on the table. The last thing you’ll want to do after the final song plays and the last guest leaves is spend your first night of marriage hauling all of these items back home. Before the night begins, enlist a friend or family member to be in charge of taking your things back to your house after reception. You can provide them with reusable moving boxes rented from BungoBox.com to make the transport quick and easy.

The Legal Nitty Gritty

While reciting your vows and kissing your new spouse signifies the start of your married life together, the marriage isn’t truly official and complete until you sign the paperwork. Stay abreast of all of the legal requirements and keep the necessary documents in order. In most states, you must sign the marriage license at least 24 hours before your ceremony, so find out the local regulations and follow them to a “T” to make sure you start off on the right foot.

As your wedding day draws closer, keep these essential wedding tips in your arsenal to ensure you and your beloved have the wonderful day you’ve always imagined.