Organizing the wedding 2

So, we were at the level of presenting you some pieces of advice in what concerns organizing the wedding and we stopped when it came to the wedding dresses. Indeed, you need to think seriously at the bridal gown, how do you want it to look like, how you want it to be. We offered you some hints and it won’t be bad to continue with this matter because it’s really interesting.

You have to choose the wedding dress accordingly to the color of your hair, the skin tone and the eyes as well. A brunette lady with dark skin will definitely look gorgeous with a white gown or a light beige wedding dress, a blond haired bride with delicate skin can definitely shine in ochre or white matte. Depending on the wedding dress that you decide to wear you have to choose the appropriate shoes. Also, when you buy the wedding dress you have to choose the veil, the pieces of jewelry and let’s not forget about the flowers as well….

organizing the wedding 2

The groom shouldn’t be left besides as well. He needs to get dressed accordingly to the wedding gown that you decide to wear in that particular day. If you apply for a traditional model then it means that he can wear a traditional costume. If your wedding dress is modern, extravagant, his costume can have lines and colors that are daring and you will make the perfect couple you can be certain of that!

organizing the wedding 2 2

The honeymoon plans shouldn’t be left behind, because they’re an important aspect in what concerns your wedding. You have to plan your voyage from four or five months before the wedding takes place. After the wedding you can go far away and leave all the problems behind and it’s great if you organize it in due time.

Two weeks before the wedding you have to order the cake and cutting it is an important moment of the moment. It’s a distinct element in what concerns the aspect of a wedding and you can order it really great looking, in different shapes with models and made of different ingredients.

organizing the wedding 2 3

The candles, the wedding bouquet and the other bouquet should be chosen in due time as well. It’s very hard to make a decision and we’re certain that you have an idea in what concerns this aspect; it takes a lot of hard work to end up with the right choice. You definitely have to make sure that these are in perfect coordination with the dress and the personality that you have.

The candles are really important and the flower arrangements as well. They are the perfect resemblance of your personality and personal tastes.