6 Ways to Kick Off Your Wedding Festivities With a Bang


So you and your other half have decided to put a ring on it, and now you can’t contain yourselves! The pure excitement that comes from celebrating a union of love is like no other. Because of this, it’s important that you celebrate your engagement perfectly. An engagement party should reflect the couple’s particular personalities and desires, but shouldn’t become too stressful, either. We’ve put together 6 ways that you can kick off your wedding festivities with a bang.

1. Choose your guest list

Whether you’re having an intimate get-together or a huge party, it’s vital that you get your guest list down before planning anything else. Usually, the people you invite to your engagement will be the people that you invite to your wedding. However, this rule isn’t steadfast. Sometimes, couples will have a larger engagement party and a smaller wedding, or vice versa. This is so a wider group of friends and family can be there to celebrate at least one of the occasions.

2. Venue and date

Now you have the approximate size of your event planned, you can begin sorting out a venue and a date. The venue you select to celebrate will set the tone and formality of your engagement. Whether you want to throw a party at an upper class country club, or take it easy with a backyard BBQ, make sure that your engagement venue suits your wants and needs. A great way to inject a bit of fun into your engagement party, no matter the type of venue, is to hire a Barrel of Laughs Photobooth. A photo booth not only means that everyone gets to let their hair down for a silly pose, but it also means your guests are left with lifelong mementos of the celebration!

3. Food and drinks

No party is quite complete without a delectable spread of food and drinks on offer. Depending on your venue, you may have caterers that you can utilise, or you may be required to find your own. Whether someone else is doing the cooking or you are, make sure the food you select reflects the tone of the celebration. Do you want finger food and canapes, so people can mingle and dance? Or perhaps you want a sit-down meal for a more formal event? Whatever your choice, make sure there are vegetarian and gluten free options available. However, don’t forget the number one rule: too much is better than not enough!

4. Theme and colour scheme

This is the fun stuff! Themes can range from as little as a decorative colour scheme, right up to a full blown fancy dress theme. Themes for your engagement party can be anything you want, but it’s always a nice option to have it relate to the couple in question. Did you have your first date at a diner? If so, you could deck out your engagement party with the same aesthetic appeal as a diner. Of course, a theme isn’t absolutely necessary, so don’t stress yourself out over it if it’s something you’re not into.

5. Invitations and RSVP

Now that you have organised all the details to fill an invitation, it’s time to start sending them out! Some couples like to send out wedding-style cards in the mail, however others prefer word of mouth or a simple phone call. Whatever method you choose, make sure the details of the party are precise, and there is a clear RSVP date, so you know the numbers you will be dealing with on the day.

6. Activities and games

Depending on the nature of your engagement party, you might want to think about organising some activities or games. These could range from speeches, to a DJ or even croquet! If you are planning on having activities throughout your party, think about a time frame for when you want them to start and finish, so that the event runs smoothly.

An engagement party is essentially a gathering for you and your loved ones to have fun, mingle and rejoice in the soon-to-be harmonious union of spouses. Stick to these 6 helpful tips to ensure you and your partner don’t miss out on any important details for the big celebration!