What should a wedding guide include

The question has been popped, the emotions were lived and it is now the time to face your first hard challenge as a couple: putting together a wedding planning guide. Well, if this task is a bit too overwhelming for you, brides and grooms, we will provide you with some basic information on how to sketch and structure the guide of your D-day.
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First and foremost, the headline of the guide should contain your wedding theme and of, course, the wedding budget. Put your tastes and passions together and come up with a unique and representative theme that will impress all your guests.

And speaking of guests, the next thing that you should write down is a long (or short) guests list. In your mind, go through all the persons you know – family and friends – and decide who will receive an invite for your wedding and who will not.

What should a wedding guide include
What should a wedding guide include

Make sure you do not forget anyone as this will be the only time you make this list; additions or removals will considerably slow your planning process later on.

The following dash will be dedicated to the wedding invitations, of course. Your job does not have to be very laborious with them, though. Al you have to do is to decide upon a concept that speaks about your wedding theme and place your order. Their distribution will be done according to the guests list you already have prepared.

Now let’s go shopping! Yes, it is right about now that you should start your quest for the things that will constitute your wedding apparel. Wedding dress/suit, shoes, earrings and any other type of accessories you wish ought to be bought or ordered.

As for the wedding bouquet, well, things are rather delicate with it, just as with the other flowers that you might want for your wedding decor. Basically, your wedding decor must be planned carefully and thoroughly so that everything comes out exactly the way you pictured it.

You should also write your wedding vows a few months ahead the big day and do not forget to talk to the pastor, if you also want a religious ceremony.

For the wedding party hire a band or a DJ long before the big day and choose and book a location. Practice some dance steps or take some classes and everything will go exactly as planned.