Carnival Wedding

5 Spring Themes That Will Always Work

Are you dreaming of a wedding in the springtime? Instead of simply picking out a color and trying to create a magical setting around that one-dimensional idea, try thinking about a theme and running with it. Be as unique or personal as you’d like, think about details and accents from the flowers to the signature cocktails swirling around throughout the reception. And we’re here to inspire you. Take a look at these unique takes on a classic, warm-weathered wedding with these themes!


Garden Weddings

The most obvious of the bunch, a garden-themed wedding is quintessentially spring. All the flowers are blooming and nature is coming back to life after a long winter. You can go as big or as small as you’d like with this theme. But any way you choose when your vision is floral, you’ll have the most romantic of views. Surround yourself with roses, tulips, carnations, peonies and more at both the ceremony and the reception.


Carnival Wedding

It’s too hot to enjoy in the summer, but just right in the spring. Get creative and plan a fun, exciting and youthful day at a carnival! And while you’re there, why not tie the knot? From popcorn machines to silly games at the reception, there are so many different details and accents you can add when creating a carnival-themed wedding day. Go vintage, go modern … but go with a lot of fun!

Tea Party

Tea Party Wedding

Those first few months of slight, warmer weather make for the perfect time to throw a tea party for the girls … or even bring that light and whimsy theme into you wedding day. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired brunch time tea party or you bring Alice in Wonderland to life at your reception, there’s something so special about this fairy-tale like theme. The hidden nuances you can hide throughout the celebration can really make it extraordinary.


Retro Wedding

Whether it’s a soda pop theme or quirky 50’s prom, creating a retro celebration can be incredibly fun and youthful. It’ll be memorable, you can truly have fun with everyone’s attire for the big day and play with vibrant and contrasting colors. Think about how memorable these moments and photos will end up being! This is perfect for spring just because of the vivaciousness that the theme can bring out and, of course, the tea-length dresses!


Bohemian Spring Wedding

Bohemian themes are truly able to be used all year long, but that’s why they’re so special. The carefree, natural spirit of a bohemian theme can transcend all seasons but also bring about the best in every one. Use flowers, use the outdoors, use the bright colors and flowing accents to create a springtime, boho celebration with all the bridal beauty in the world.