When to order Butterflies for a Butterfly Release; Is it too late?

butterfly release
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butterfly release

A butterfly release for a wedding can be a spectacular event.  Whether releasing just a few butterflies or releasing a large amount, a butterfly release can add grace, beauty and symbolism to your wedding.   But, to ensure you will have butterflies to release at your wedding,  when should you order your butterflies? Is it too late to order?

butterfly release wedding
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Butterflies are in the highest demand during the months of May and June.  It takes approximately four weeks to raise a butterfly from an egg to an adult.   That means you want to reserve your butterflies at least five to six weeks in advance to ensure that the farmer has had enough time to raise these beauties.   That means that many brides should be reserving their butterflies right now!

butterfly release
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When ordering your butterflies, you will want to discuss with your butterfly farmer what you envision when you do your butterfly release. Here are some questions to consider;

Do you want to see butterflies fluttering all around?

Are you planning on doing a release to honor a loved one?

Do you anticipate all of the butterflies flying at once?

Do you want your guests to see the butterflies displayed before they are released?

Let the butterfly farmer know your budget and where you will be doing your release and they will inform you what will work best for your wedding.

So, even though it may still be cold in some areas, it may not be too early to order your butterflies.