Wedding Ceremony Music: Do You Go For The Live Band or Personal Playlist?

wedding ceremony music
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wedding ceremony music
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Planning the final details of your wedding ceremony, but are unsure whether to hire a live band or go with your own iPod playlist? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both, which will hopefully help you make a decision that works for you!

Live Band/Singer

  • Pros: Live music always creates a lovely mood for the ceremony. Most musicians provide their own amplification systems, something your officiant can take advantage of as well. Musicians are also able to adjust the music to fit your ceremony and cover for any snafus, such as you sprinting down the aisle because you’re so excited or the flower girl taking an unexpected detour.
  • Cons: Hiring a band or singer will definitely cost more, though you may be obligated to use a live musician or band depending on the venue. This is especially true if your ceremony is in a church. Other cons include song choice limitations, and the fact that musicians are only human! There’s always the slight possibility of a bum note or instrument squeak as you walk down the aisle.
wedding ceremony music
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 iPod/CD/MP3 Player

  • Pros: Definitely the budget-friendly choice, you also won’t be limited by what the musician can play/do. As far as song choices go, you can pick anything you want!
  • Cons: Depending on where you’re having the ceremony, the logistics of hooking up to a  speaker system can be trying, or you’ll have to provide your own system, which is expensive. You’ll also need to to ensure the the timing of each song is correct, like Mrs. Blue Whale did! For example, if you know it will take you one minute to walk down the aisle, try to edit your processional song so it’s one minute or a little over. If timing is off, you’ll deal with dead air or have to wait for the song to finish. It’s also essential to have a trusted friend or relative in charge of the iPod should something go wrong!
wedding ceremony music
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Additional Tips

Be sure to check out those “recommended vendor” listings provided by venue websites. You’ll likely find plenty of quality musicians to choose from. If working with a wedding planner, ask him or her for recommendations as well–they probably have a long list of bands and singers somewhere!

Consider the pros and cons of both and think about what works best for you and your groom, the venue, and any other factors. Good luck, and have fun!

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