How to Revamp Classic Wedding Traditions


You’ve done the dating, met each other’s parents, and now you have the ring to prove it. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, congratulations! If you’re soon to be in the thick of wedding planning, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the ins and outs of organizing the perfect ceremony. Instead of feeling tied down to old traditions, infuse some life back into your wedding shindig by trying these modern takes on some of the nuptial classics and create an event you and your guests will never forget.

Specialized Drinks

Instead of hosting an open bar, try a more tailored approach with specialized signature drinks created with your big day in mind. Both the bride and groom can choose three cocktail favorites, and create His and Hers wedding drink menus that guests can peruse. This provides a unique touch to the festivities and will cut down on the exorbitant costs that come along with alcohol purchases for the reception.

The Wedding Cake

You’ve likely been to a wedding or two in your lifetime, and most have probably served cake fothe dessert of the night. Now think back. How many of these cakes were something you remember? How many were so delicious that they were worth the probably exorbitant cost paid by the happy couple? If you’re scratching your head to come up with at least one example that fulfills these qualifications, it’s no surprise. Traditional wedding cakes cost more than a pretty penny, and often they’re the least memorable portion of the evening. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for a frosted masterpiece that your guests may or may not enjoy, try offering trendy dessert tables that are becoming more and more popular. From fresh baked cookies to chocolate dipped fruit, cupcakes to jars filled with candy, you’ll see hordes of people at the dessert table all night long, and happy faces on everyone from the littlest of children to the oldest members of the family.

Skip the Rice

It’s in pretty much every wedding movie you can name—the couple runs out and joyful wedding guests sprinkle rice over their heads. While still a cute and sentimental tradition, you can make this a bit more exciting by using something else as confetti in place of the little kernels. Delicate flower petals make for a softer and more fragrant shower of congratulations as the happy couple makes their way to the car and glitter will work for the couple who lives out loud.

Color Your World

Instead of sticking to the classic white wedding dress selections, brides are tending to be more daring with their wedding colors, especially on their gown for the big day. For some its subtle hue changes to softer creams and beiges, while for other brides, it’s a full 180-degree switch to colorful wedding gowns that signify their exuberant joy on this momentous occasion. If you’re not sold on a white wedding dress, follow this trend and try something different—it is your special day after all so shouldn’t you be able to dress the way you want?

The Bouquet Toss

While throwing your bouquet to all the single ladies might be a fun tradition, you can make the event more meaningful. Instead of tossing it to a bunch of gals who might not be clamoring to catch it, select a special woman who has made a positive influence in your life or that of your groom’s and present the bouquet to her. If you feel like explaining your decision, give a short but heartfelt speech explaining how she’s made a difference in your life. It could be your mother, sister, his mother, or a friend who has really impacted you in a positive way.

The First Glance

In the past, couples weren’t supposed to see each other before the aisle walk—it was considered bad luck. These days, superstition is kicked to the curb and love is celebrated with private first viewings. That means you can see your betrothed before taking that walk and have a more sentimental reveal. If you’d like to capture the moment forever, have a photographer ready in the wings to catch the looks on your faces when you first take in your soon-to-be husband or wife.

As you get more involved with the wedding planning, consider some of these modern updates to traditional ceremonies for an occasion that will exceed all your expectations.