Both of these Pantone colors of the year will rock your 2016 wedding. Rose quartz and serenity are quite the magical duo. These specific shades of blush and blue are a surefire way to win the hearts of your guests and create a storybook celebration. via Pinterest

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If you’re looking for wedding colors that will pop with uniqueness and a chic modern flavor, then why not try out royal blue and white? This contemporary duo will dress your big day with enough bridal styling and sleekness to do the event justice.   via Pinterest

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Are you looking for a classic color scheme for the day you say, “I do?” Are you looking to bring bouts of romance, tradition and a touch of modern style to the celebration? If so, then we’ve got two tones that contrast nicely and compliment wonderfully. Navy brings a rich foundation to everything from the …

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Wedding Day Color Ideas

Are you newly engaged and starting to plan your big day? After the shock wears off of that beautiful ring on your finger, the work can start to take its toll on you. The dress, the flowers, the food; it can be a bit much. But before all of that can happen you have to …

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So, besides the color that was mentioned in the previous article we thought it would be interesting enough to suggest to you some other great looking color and tone that will definitely seem inspiring and a good option. Well, it seems that blue as a wedding theme has been used in various details of a …

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