Wedding Day Color Ideas

Trendy Wedding Colors of 2015!

Are you newly engaged and starting to plan your big day? After the shock wears off of that beautiful ring on your finger, the work can start to take its toll on you. The dress, the flowers, the food; it can be a bit much. But before all of that can happen you have to decide on the colors that will surround your wedding! From your bridal accents to the bridesmaids’ dresses to the reception decor, what shades will dress your celebration? Let’s take a peek at 5 of our favorite colors that are trending all around the creative world this year, from fashion to interior design to weddings, these are the must-have tones of 2015!

Ballet Pinks


In years gone by it was all about blush pink – a shade with some golden tones attached. But now it’s all about a classic, soft pink – one I like to refer to as “ballet.” It’s girlish, it’s feminine and your florals will look like they’re from a fairy-tale story when dipped in this luminescent color. And when it comes to your wedding, you can never go wrong with a great pink – of any shade!

Cherry Reds


Add easy pop and pizazz to your wedding day by accenting the space and yourself with a vibrant cherry red. Your shoes, the cocktails and even your ladies in waiting can be adorned with this vivacious and complimentary color. For a retro feel or even a chic and modern vision, this shade will do its job and wow your audience.

Seafoam Greens


Not quite green and not quite blue, seafoam is a gorgeous color that you can dress up, dress down and feel good in and around. For a whimsical and romantic wedding, use this color to accent and set the scene without being over-the-top girly or kitschy. Just imagine your girls in this versatile color, or accenting your creamy, white gown!

Cobalt Blues

Just like a cherry red, the right shade of cobalt blue can bring bouts of vibrancy and life into a room or a celebration! Blue looks good on everyone and makes everyone feel better. It’s a favorite among the masses and you’d be surprised how beautiful a wedding will look with a bit of cobalt attached to it.

Mustard Yellows


We certainly don’t recommend covering your entire wedding in mustard, but we do recommend accenting it! If you’re having a fall wedding, make sure your complimentary your cranberries, peaches, red and orange hues with a bright and sultry shade of mustard yellow. It provides a contrast and interest that will make your main colors pop and sparkle!


all photos via SMP