Spring wedding decorations

Spring weddings are characterized by a range of pastel colors, many flowers and decorations that symbolize life. In what follows we will present to you some ideas of spring wedding decorations.

Spring themed decorations

A spring wedding often has a theme beside the one of the season. You can include themes in your spring wedding by choosing an ornament that will bring a bit of the theme at every table.

The sound of the brook

A favorite spring sound is the one of the brook or running water. If you have a pond or a river near your house you should know this very well. Include water in the wedding decoration ideas to try one of the following:

Create the sound of the brook by buying cheap small artificial fountains and place them on each table.

  • Make a mini river by putting some narrow, small and clear vases and put canvas, floating candles or flower heads inside them. This looks nice especially when they are placed sporadically along some rectangular tables.
  • Build a mini pond by placing polished stones in a bowl and add clear blue colored water in the various tables.
  • Add small decorative fish tanks to complete the decor.

If you have a hobby that you want to include in your spring wedding theme, it can be used for decorations as well. For example, if you like to ride the motorcycle or you collect miniature motorcycles you can make a stand for a differentiated dessert and place motorcycles on it in the middle of the table.

Also, if you and your spouse you love kites, use wire and fabric to create kites that stand in the center of the table.Include other spring sports activities such as hiking or cycling into an ornament by adding testimonials on the reception tables. Arranging the tables a little different for a wedding, your guests will feel unique, but you will still include the theme of your hobby in the reception decorations.


In the spring season almost everyone thinks about gardening. Take into consideration these spring ornaments, whether you do gardening or not:

* sprayers filled with flowers;

* large vases filled with colorful garden vegetables;

* give the ornaments also a different sense, the one of testimonials for the guests, by placing packets of seeds in a painted clay pot.

Birds and butterflies

Consider these ideas to also include in your wedding decorations spring birds and butterflies:

  • Small bird houses painted to match the wedding colors;
  • False nests filled with colorful eggs;
  • Floral arrangements that incorporate feathers;
  • Artificial butterflies or butterfly-shaped candles;
  • Flyer testimonials; ceramic bridges testimonials; garden testimonials

When it comes to ideas for spring  decorations, you can get inspired by the flowers that bloom, pastel colors or by the theme of your wedding. With a little imagination, you can make great spring wedding decorations, which will fit the budget and that will decorate your wedding scheme.