4 Surefire Ways to Blow Away Your Guests with Candles

By Audrey Isaac, 100Candles.com

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are that guest experience is one of your top priorities. Whether your guest count is 20 or 200, weddings are a time to celebrate your marriage with all of your loved ones who have supported you along the way. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that couples want their big day to be special and memorable.

Candles are one of many ways to create the perfect wedding day that you’ve dreamed of, so here are some of our favorite ways to take your guests’ breath away.

Opt For Overhead Lighting

Candles don’t have to placed on tabletops to have an effect – in fact, taking advantage of vertical space is a great way to create a dynamic feel in your event space. String up lanterns with candles inside for a truly breathtaking look. For overhead lights, we encourage couples to use LED candles to avoid fire risk. LED candles offer everything that wax candles do, including a flickering effect, without the concerns of open flames and dripping wax.

Define Spaces

If your venue has an open-concept feel to it, consider dividing up the large space into sections like the cocktail hour space, the dinner area, the dance floor and anything else that is unique to your wedding. Line candles along the spaces to define the different areas – while the space will still have that great open-concept feel, it’ll also have a creative feel to it as guests can explore the different sections you’ve created.

Create Clusters

While a single candle may not catch your eye, imagine the effect of multiple pillar candles clustered together in vases. This beautiful design can share its impact with any space of the wedding, from the ceremony aisle to the grand entrance stairs to the cake table. Be sure to check with your venue coordinator to ensure that your candle designs are in line with their fire code regulations.

Use Them as Favors

Wedding favors are an additional way to personalize a wedding, so why not give your guests something that they can put to use in their homes? Candles make a great favor and are used by virtually everyone. Customize the containers with your names or monogram and pair them with matchbooks for an extra special touch. We advise sticking to softer scents, as some may have allergies and sensitivities.

There is no end to the possibilities of what you can do with a single candle – or, better yet, lots of candles! The key to truly blowing away your guests is to be creative and have fun with your design. From there, it’s just about putting it all into place!


Audrey Isaac is the spokesperson for 100Candles.com, an online market that pairs high quality candles with unmatched customer service. From weddings and birthdays to holiday parties and fundraisers, 100Candles.com has enjoyed celebrating life’s biggest moments along with their customers since 2002.