Blue as a wedding theme

So, besides the color that was mentioned in the previous article we thought it would be interesting enough to suggest to you some other great looking color and tone that will definitely seem inspiring and a good option. Well, it seems that blue as a wedding theme has been used in various details of a wedding throughout the time….

You can adopt a baby blue tone for the special day and we’re certain that you won’t regret it at all, because the visual effect is guaranteed to be great looking and interesting. Not only is this color with a calming propriety but it also has the role of inspiring innocence and a sense of good taste in the same time.

You can definitely use a pale blue tone in the gown that you decide to wear in your wedding day. This dress can be made of a good looking fabric that is semi transparent in the same time and that will definitely make you look gorgeous in it. Let’s also mention that you can also apply for a classical white dress that has blue embroidery on or different other details. Be certain that the effect will definitely be the one you wanted.

blue as a wedding theme

The flowers that you can apply for in your wedding day, these can have blue as a theme. You can definitely apply for some blue flowers or one in a pale tone which are placed in a good looking container, a blue one in any tone you like.
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As for the invitations: we suggest a combination of gold with pale blue for the invitations and with a fancy writing. The visual effect is guaranteed in this case as well, because you know just how great gold goes with blue, don’t you?

The chandelier in the middle of the reception salon can also be blue, why not? blue glass looks always gorgeous and it creates an amazing view and perspective. How about that? have you ever thought of this aspect?

As for the wedding favors, they can be blue as well: different candles, candy, objects made of blue porcelain and the list can be continued. Use your imagination when you apply for a color theme for your wedding day.

The cake can also be blue! We forgot to mention about this aspect! You can definitely use a blue cake in your wedding day, a pale blue cake that is…. Also, the plates in which your guests can eat, they can be blue as well and the glasses from which they drink and the list can be continued until tomorrow.

Most of the weddings that have a blue theme, they have as main theme in fact the marine one, which was mentioned in previous articles of ours.