How shall I plan a rock & roll wedding theme

How would you perceive a rock & roll wedding theme? If you are shy and quiet, then you will definitely say no to something like this. But, if you are eccentric and extravagant, then you will most likely love to have something like this at your wedding ceremony. However, you should not take things to extreme! You should remember that this is after all a wedding and that things must combine in a pleasant manner.
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Such a theme must begin of course with the wedding music. Although you will have those romantic and special wedding songs, you shall focus more on rock music, and mainly on the “vintage bands”, such as: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and so on. As you well know these bands have both ballads and more passionate and energetic songs, therefore it will be very easy for you to choose a song belonging to this genre for your first dance moment.

How shall I plan a rock & roll wedding themeCredit
How shall I plan a rock & roll wedding theme

But, besides the music, this wedding theme will allow you to use darker wedding centerpieces or decorations, such as: black tablecloths, seat covers, etc. But this will look nice only if you will gently match them with other shades. I believe you all agree that an only black venue will seem rather sober and pessimistic than happy and joyful. Therefore, get down to business and begin the matching of your wedding elements.

Apart from rock music and darker shades you will also have the possibility of including vintage wedding accessories. Some chandeliers or special candles will fit the atmosphere like a glove. As a result, look for something like this, in order to have a beautiful rock and roll wedding.

As for your bridal and groom apparel, you have two options. You could either stick to the traditional version, in which the bride will wear the white dress and the groom will don a fancy tuxedo. Or, you could insert some darker shades in your outfit as well. The bride may even wear a black dress, if that is her preference. So, have conversation you two, and then you will decide what is best for your wedding ceremony.

Long live the rock music and may it be that your rock and roll wedding ceremony will forever be reminded; which I’m sure it will be. Who could forget something so magnificent and energetic?