Black and white wedding themes

Black and white wedding themes are all about being classical or minimalist- at least, that’s why we think of when we have black and white in our front and the word wedding.

There are many couples that don’t want to fail in their wedding day and that’s why they apply for such colors, because it seems easier in this way….

black and white wedding themes

In the lines to come you’re going to read about some interesting details that concern such a wedding and you’re going to love them from the first instant.
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So, let’s mention that the first suggestion that we have for black and white weddings is related to the table arrangements and all the things surrounding this matter. Let’s add that you can apply for classical black tables that are made of wood and the chairs can be made in the same way and in the same details. For table covers we totally push you to choose a white table cover that is made of satin or of a similar fabric and the chairs can be left in their own black way, but if you want extra effect then it means that you can apply for a white chair cover that has cute details on it.

We’re certain that you already imagine the tables and how they’re looking. As for the rest of the arrangements on the table we recommend you to take into account using candles made of white and black wax in order to obtain a gorgeous contrast. As for the flower arrangements, we totally recommend you to apply for white roses or small flowers that compose interesting centerpieces in order to obtain an interesting visual effect.

black and white wedding themes 2

There’s also the case of rest of the salon- how is it made in white and black. You don’t want to look as if you’re too obsessed of this color, would you? Well, in case you apply for a salon make sure that you see what color are the walls, let them not to be white, try applying for one in a bright color tone because you want a daring visual effect- not a dull one.

As for the rest of the details that concern clothing and stuff like that, we recommend you to announce your guests that they have to attend you black and white wedding dressed in these non colors and mention that you’re going to be dressed in the same manner.

black and white wedding themes 3

Of course, you as the bride are not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to getting dressed in white and we advise your groom to apply for the combination of black suit and white shirt with a black and white tie or a black tie- it always works!